Itching during pregnancy What are the causes and how can be treated

Itching during pregnancy, especially in the last three months of pregnancy, is a natural occurrence of many pregnant women. Some hormonal and physiological changes occur during the last pregnancy stage, which affect the skin, causing itching and redness of the skin .

Causes of itching or redness during pregnancy.

Two thirds of pregnant women suffer from itching and redness of the skin during pregnancy due to some changes in the level of hormone progesterone and estrogen in the body, in addition to the extension of the skin or what is known as the age of Astrak Marches or large size of the uterus and obesity and weight gain before pregnancy with some of the causes that are hereditary, Some tension for the pregnant especially with the first pregnancy.

Treatment of itching in pregnancy.

Taking regular medicines for itching is not allowed in pregnancy, but there are some tips that reduce the sense of itching and reduce the redness of the skin, including:

– Distances from foods such as pepper

– Reduce the intake of spices, especially in the last months of pregnancy

Drink plenty of water daily

– Use some natural moisturizing creams containing camomile or camomile 
– wear cotton clothes

A natural recipe for getting rid of itching during pregnancy

Pour the starch in a liter of water in a liter of water over a low heat for 5 minutes. Then, with a piece of cotton, immerse it in the solution and dry your skin in the morning and evening to relieve the itching and redness.Close

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