Is the process of dislocating the tooth spit painful

Is the process of dislocation of the wisdom tooth is painful. The teeth of the mind is the last tooth appears in the mouth, as it appears in the age of 17-25 years, and may grow naturally as with the rest of the other molars without causing any problems for the person, toothpaste reason causes pain in the mouth Sometimes surgery is required to extract and remove it, and because the chopping is done by surgery, the recovery takes a long time .. may extend for days and sometimes several weeks, and because of the presence of surgical cuts in the mouth, the patient to be very careful eating, and we will discuss in this article Foods that can be ingested after the brainstem extraction process, and those that should be avoidedWisdom tooth

Is a group of molars known as the third molars also located in the upper and lower layers of the jaw. It is called the sprocket of the mind because it usually appears between the ages of 17-21, that is when a person has acquired the mind and wisdom necessary to continue his life.Is the process of dislocating the tooth spit painful

Most people face problems when the spit of reason arises, due to their presence in the wrong place and location. Problems start when:

  • Lack of  age : the age of the mind partly because of the lack of adequate space for him, resulting in the growth of gum tissue around him, which increases the risk of infection gingivitis.
  • Wrong direction:  Sometimes the sprocket of reason appears inverted in the wrong direction.
  • Smallness of the jaw:  Some people suffer from small jaw, and thus lack of the possibility of the emergence of the spit of the mind, which may cause incontinence in the jaw and inability to penetrate the gums.
  • Behind the mouth:  The spleen of the mind may appear in the back of the area , making it difficult to reach to clean it.
  • The appearance of bags:  accompanied with the spleen of the mind, which may cause damage to bones and roots in the area.

The reason for the appearance of the wisdom tooth is any problems for you, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain: or hardening of the jaw in the surrounding area for the emergence of the spit of the mind
  • Irritation: accompanied by pain as a result of the emergence of spitting the mind in the wrong way
  • Puffiness: The swelling of the area due to growth of the gum tissue around the spit of the mind
  • Dental congestion: Due to the lack of a large enough space for the emergence of the spit of mind
  • Tooth decay and gingivitis: If the spleen of the mind appears behind the mouth and the difficulty of reaching it to clean it.

Brain problems usually start appearing in the 15- to 25-year-olds, while those over the age of 30 do not have any problem requiring brain dislocation.Is the process of dislocating the tooth spit painful

Before the wisdom tooth is dislocated, the doctor anesthetizes the sphincter and the surrounding tissue in order to avoid any pain during the operation.

The degree and speed of recovery depends on the difficulty of rooting the tooth in the basic form, and expected within the next 24 hours of the process that:

  • Bleeding: It  is possible to face bleeding for several hours immediately after the dislocation of the wisdom tooth, and to control it Q:
  1.  Place a piece of wet gauze in place of the pinch and gently tighten it.
  2.  Place the compression device in place of the chopped sprocket for about 45 minutes.
  3.  Using a bag of wet tea and containing it on the acid tank helps in healing and controlling the bleeding.
  4.  Avoid spitting or spitting within the next 24 hours.
  5.  Stay away from smoking
  6.  Do not use pipettes to drink liquids and juices.
  7.  Avoid hot drinks.
  • Swelling :  You may notice swelling of the area where the wisdom tooth has been removed. To relieve this, put a cold source on the affected cheek for 10 minutes, take a 20 minute break and repeat the previous step.
  • Painkillers:  Your doctor may prescribe a pain reliever if needed, and take it according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Antibiotics:  In some cases, a person may take antibiotics before dislocating the toothbrush because of inflammation of the gums, so the doctor advises to continue taking this medicine after the dislocation of the tooth.
  • Food:  It is important to have a diet that includes fluids during the healing period and until the disappearance of anesthesia and numbness.
  • Cleaning the teeth:  Continue with a toothbrush but avoid cleaning the adjacent teeth of the one that was removed during the next 24 hours.

Is the process of dislocating the tooth spit painful

If you have symptoms, consult your dentist.

The dentist will examine the wisdom tooth that clears the gums by undergoing x-rays to determine exactly where the sphincter is.

The dentist usually removes and dislocates the brain that causes pain to you.

  1.  Open the tissues of the gums surrounding the biting of the mind with a view to eradicate it completely, which is caused by the finishing of the region.
  2.  If you have gingivitis, the doctor may advise you to wait until you are cured of the toothache.

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