Is the hormonal coil more effective than the copper coil?

Hormonal Helix for Contraception or Congenital Helix Question Frequently asked women when installing the IUD to prevent pregnancy? Is the hormonal spiral more effective than the copper coil and what is the damage?

Your health Today Dr. Magda Saad met with the obstetrician and obstetrician to see the effect of the hormonal spiral and its effect on the normal coil.

Dr. Magda says that women should know that there is no way to prevent pregnancy is 100% sure. The method of the hormonal spiral is an excellent way to prevent pregnancy, which is characterized by:

The hormonal spiral is suitable for women with heavy menstrual periods.

The IUD can remain in the womb for five years and function without effect

She adds that every way has its defects and defects of the hormonal spiral that affects the yellow body in the uterus, which causes the occurrence of irregular haemorrhages and gradually weaken until completely disappear after a period as long as the coil still exists does not stop the liberation of eggs usually in spite of the absence of the menstrual cycle.

In some cases, the uterus may expel the coil without the woman being aware of what may be the cause of the pregnancy with the coil . The woman can sense the feeling by feeling the fine thread at the end of the coil by placing her finger inside the vagina and touching the cervix, which is the upper part of the vagina. The vagina (some women say it looks like the tip of the nose) and you will be able to feel the fine thread hanging from the opening of the cervix.

The hormonal spiral may cause some cases of acne with some women

Pain occurs during the installation of the IUD and rarely needs anesthesia.

Dr. Magda is advised to check with the doctor every three months for the examination or the appearance of any unusual symptoms such as feeling the pain of abdominal pain, especially during the marital relationship or change in the smell of the vagina to a foul smell or exit some vaginal discharge of unusual pink color.

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