Is the blue light fighting bacteria supernatural

A group of researchers are exploring whether exposing superbugs to blue light weakens them and makes them more susceptible to destruction with conventional Blue Light Anti-bacteria

Antibiotic resistance to bacteria is a global problem that is becoming increasingly dangerous.

The researchers of MRSA from Purdue and Boston American Universities have focused on the famous methicillin-resistant bacteria strain, which is likely to lead to amputation or even death.

These bacteria produce a pigment that plays a key role in protecting against antibiotic attack. By chance, however, the researchers found that exposure to blue light through photobleaching reduces pigment levels, thereby weakening their ability to resist antibiotics and even regular disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide).

The researchers hope future studies will provide a device that can be carried by anyone (especially health care practitioners and researchers who are more susceptible to infection with these bacteria) and help to eliminate these bacteria in their potential locations.

The results were published in Advanced Sciences .

Source: Medical News Today

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