Is liver yolk serious, liver yolk

Is the yolk liver serious, Abu Safar liver I looked at someone and saw yellowing in the face and white eyes and yellowing the skin in the rest of the body is a person with jaundice. This yellowing may sometimes be severe and the person may seem scary and feel he is suffering from something dangerous or strange disease.Is liver yolk serious, liver yolk

Yellowing is the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood and the inability of the liver to get rid of them. Differences should always be distinguished between dandruff and jaundice, both of which are a condition that must be investigated and appropriate treatment should be found. 
Jaundice affects all ages from the first day after, in childhood, youth and the elderly and varies in severity, degrees and effects on health from one person to another depending on the reasons and may last for days or weeks or so. 
If you get jaundice, first visit the specialist doctor and do not listen to someone who advises you to take the herbal medicine or the generic medicine, or that what has hit you is something normal and simple.

The causes of the zarar are many, including some of them, but not limited to: 
– Juvenile jaundice, which occurs in the first week after birth for newborns because of laziness of the liver and inability to get rid of the substance (bilirubin) in the blood, and may be high in the blood may reach 19-20 degrees, which may cause serious risk to the brain of the baby. 
– Jaundice may occur as a result of mismatch between the mother and the baby, leading to blood decomposition and increased bilirubin. 
– Jaundice may occur as a result of breast milk due to the presence of certain substances and compounds in breast milk. 
– Jaundice may occur as a result of blood collection in the head lashes as a result of the birth, which leads to blood decomposition and increase the proportion of bilirubin in the blood.

In this case, a person becomes ill for many reasons, most notably:

  •  Drink large amounts of alcohol
  •  Liver cancer
  • Infection
  •  Suffering from cirrhosis in the liver
  • The presence of gallstones or gallstones in the liver
  • Decreased red blood cells in the body
  •  Hepatitis and hyperplasia

Is liver yolk serious, liver yolk

Yolk liver is a serious disease that should not be neglected, and the most prominent symptoms:

  •  Change skin color
  •  Anorexia
  •  Diarrhea, vomiting and nausea
  •  Acute abdominal pain and fever
  •  Brain confusion, thinking and lack of concentration
  •  Bleeding of the nose or mouth
  •  Swollen body organs due to water retention
  •  Yellowing skin color

Is liver yolk serious, liver yolk

To avoid and prevent liver yolk disease, these necessary and effective advice should be adopted:

  •  Maintain a healthy diet
  •  Avoid alcohol as much as possible and drink plenty of water
  •  Obtain the necessary vaccinations before traveling to countries where epidemics are prevalent
  •  Care to maintain personal hygiene
  •  Be sure to wash the fruit well before ingesting
  •  Refrain from eating open foods to contain a lot of viruses

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