Information about rhinoplasty


Cosmetic clinics are always crowded, and the presence of women is more often than male. This is due to the woman’s concern to take care of herself continuously. She uses many cosmetic procedures. The most common cosmetic surgery is face lift and rhinoplasty. This article will provide interesting information aboutrhinoplasty .

Information about rhinoplasty

Considered the process of rhinoplasty surgery from the most common in the world of surgery, characterized by the great success satisfactory results more than the rest of the cosmetic operations, and despite the conviction of a large class of society that this process is limited to minimize the nose; however , there are several different types of operations can be made is out , Nose, nose and many others. The information indicates that the process of rhinoplasty is a modification and change to the nose, with the aim of reshaping the nose at best. Many people resort to this process for cosmetic purposes and to increase the proportion of consistency between the features of the nose Nose and nose, and can be used by patients for the treatment of respiratory problems and disorders; some are born with abnormalities or defects in the structure of the nose.

Objectives of rhinoplasty

It is necessary to disassociate between cosmetic and nose reduction only; but must identify the objectives listed under this process, whether surgical or laser, and the most important of these types:

  • Adjust the size of the nose, including enlarging or minimizing the size commensurate with facial features.
  • Adjust the width of the nose, and increase the width or change the position of the nose and size of the nose.
  • Adjust and adjust nasal heights and depressions to become proportionate, and give an aesthetic appearance of the face.

I do rhinoplasty

  • Closed surgery : When the surgeon uses incisions in the inside of the nose so as not to leave a distorted effect on the outer shape of the nose, and usually resort to this method in the case of external defects in the nose and easy to treat the need to open the nose.
  • Open surgery , forcing the surgeon to make small incisions at the bottom of the nose, and usually the removal of the surgical effect after a few months.
  • Laser nose surgery : This method can not be used for all cosmetic operations of the nose, and the area of ​​use of laser in such operations is very limited.

Rhinoplasty surgery

There are a variety of types listed in the list of rhinoplasty surgery, where people come to clinics to get an ideal nose, and the most common nose types :

  • Rhinoplasty: It is confined to the nose, nose or bridge.
  • Enlargement of the nose: This procedure is used for the purposes of treatment and not often cosmetic, where the person has been deformed or injured, or incomplete growth of the nose.
  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery: One of the most common races for such a process are the peoples of the Middle East, as well as the peoples of the Mediterranean.
  • Accidental nose surgeries: The patient is subject to surgery for a maximum period of 10 days following the accident.

Safety procedures before rhinoplasty

  • Cover the eyes of both inside the operation room, including patients, surgeons and nurses in the event of laser use for beautification.
  • The obligation to throw rays only on the parts to be disposed of only.
  • Sterilization of the highest grades for the room and the medical team, with the commitment to wear special clothing
  • Take adequate recovery before and after surgery.
  • Avoid factors leading to injury or any pre-operative skin dysfunction.
  • Perform the necessary medical tests and perform ECG planning.
  • Avoid taking drugs two weeks before the surgery, especially blood thinners.
  • Stop smoking completely and eat nicotine.
  • Refrain from taking vitamin E, and replace it with daily intake .
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Fasting for 8 hours before entering the operating room.

Steps of Rhinoplasty

  • Subject to anesthesia, whether local or partial, as the doctor deems appropriate.
  • Start by reshaping the nose, by removing the cartilage and bones from the nose.
  • Correcting the shape of the nose barrier, especially if it is oblique, then closing the open incision and then installing the splint on the nose.

Post-cosmetic nose

The surgeon requires his / her plastic surgery patient to comply with a list of instructions similar to the instructions of the rest of the operations, including:

  • Do not eat until after checking the bowel movement.
  • The need to increase the movement within the home to avoid the incidence of strokes,
  • Absolutely abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Avoid violent exercise for at least 21 days after surgery.
  • Need to keep the nasal spleen dry until it is removed.
  • Avoid direct sunlight during the weeks following the operation.

Risks of rhinoplasty

  • The possibility of unexpected allergies from total anesthesia, due to the lack of knowledge of the sensitivity of a drug, and therefore may result in death sometimes.
  • Medical errors, so it is imperative to go to a skilled doctor with a good reputation in this field.
  • This occurs .
  • The rejection of the body of the tissue that is cultivated after displacement, specifically if the cultivation was done outside the body itself.
  • Infection can be avoided by following doctor’s instructions and taking prescription drugs on time.
  • Tissue fibrosis, tissue atrophy.
  • Swelling of the nose for a period of time may reach up to a full year.
  • Different color of the skin of the nose sometimes.
  • Bleeding can occur if you undergo laser beauty.
  • Burn nasal tissue if laser is used incorrectly.

After presenting the most important information about rhinoplasty, it should be noted that the desired results of these operations can be obtained after months or even a year.

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