Infography: 10 natural ways to treat seasonal allergies

Spring is a real nightmare that suffers from seasonal allergies, due to pollen, one of the most important triggers of allergies in this chapter. Seasonal allergies can be treated and mildly relieved, using moderate means, without the need for prescription drugs and drugs, according to the WebMD website:

1 – Close the windows 
to maintain the purity of air inside the house.

2 – Bathing 
to get rid of the remnants of pollen sticking to the body.

3 – Put a mask 
protects you from the particles that trigger allergic reactions.

4. Healthy food 
Fruits and vegetables reduce the symptoms of the disease.

5 – nose lotions 
to get rid of mucus and harmful bacteria.

6. Drinking liquids 
helps open blocked nasal passages.

7. Natural cleaning tools keep you away 
from chemicals that increase the symptoms.

8. Inhaling water vapor 
relieves symptoms of allergies and facilitates breathing.

9 – Avoid Smoking 
Cigarette smoke aggravates allergy attacks.

10 – Chinese needlesAn ancient technique that has proven effective in treating diseases.

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