Infograph: 10 reasons to reduce the intake of sugars

Doctors and nutritionists consistently warn against eating too many sugars because of their role in obesity and many other serious diseases. Here are a few reasons why you may think too much before you eat sugars, according to Top 10 Home Remedies:

Weight gain 
prevents fat burning and hinders metabolism.

increases insulin resistance and fat accumulation.

3 – Liver problems 
weaken liver function and increase inflammation.

4. Heart disorders 
promote harmful cholesterol and raise blood pressure.

5 – anxiety and depression 
triggers neurotransmitters cause brain fatigue.

6. Poor oral health 
feeds the bacteria causing dental shopping.

7 – insomnia 
inhibits the work of hormones organized sleep and vigilance.

8. Immune weakness is 
prohibited during white blood from oxygen.

9. Brain health 
weakens response, memory and cognitive functions.

10 – Aging skinCollagen destroys and elastin responsible for flexible skin.

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