Industrial milk damages your child’s health

Mother’s milk is the best food for a child. Mother’s milk is rich in vitamins, proteins, acids, fats, minerals, carbohydrates and water, and there is no formula milk that contains all these ingredients that are found only in breast milk.

The mother’s milk is very useful for the child as it provides the child with all the nutrients that help to grow him in a healthy and safe way. The nutrients in the mother’s milk protect the child’s body organs and maintain their normal biological functioning. The mother’s milk strengthens the child’s immunity and makes his body fight many diseases and viruses. And bacteria, such as colds, ear infections, chest infections and other diseases that threaten the child at this age.

That is why all doctors in the world and international health organizations say that no milk is like breast milk. Breastfeeding is always recommended, because it has great benefits that can not be counted for both the child and the mother.

Today’s article, Dear Mother, will talk about the health effects of breast-feeding on your child’s health, so be careful of them and do not try to get your baby back.

Benefits of Industrial Lactation:

Enhances the child’s mental intelligence and increases his / her scientific development.

Provide the child with all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

Help strengthen the baby’s jaw.

Enhances the immunity of the child’s body and protects it from many diseases.

What are the effects of breastfeeding on child health?

Decrease in the supply of essential nutrients:

The mother’s milk is rich in fatty acids and amygma. These two elements work to build the brain. The amino acids found in breast milk also build the child’s nervous system, as well as the iron and calcium elements present in the mother’s milk at high and balanced levels. , Where no milk company in the world can make milk for the child has nutritional benefits as the milk of the mother with the same concentration and exact proportions.

Significant increase in child mortality:

There are recent statistics indicating that there is a significant increase in mortality among infants due to artificial feeding followed by most mothers. Industrial breastfeeding reduces the child’s immunity and causes many fatal diseases.

Deficiency in the body:

As mentioned earlier that breast milk contains immune elements that contribute to increase the strength of the immune system in your youth against various diseases, bacteria and viruses, but artificial milk does not contain any elements that enhance the immunity of the child and therefore the child is vulnerable to various diseases.


Studies and statistics show that children who eat formula milk often have a greater chance of getting diabetes because artificial milk is extracted from cows and buffaloes and then goes through many different stages to make it all vulnerable to the presence of toxins that contribute to diabetes. .

Cancer and other diseases:

Studies have found that the milk of the factory, contains a small amount of heavy metals, but this small percentage is sufficient to harm the stomach of the small child and cause inflammation in the stomach and may lead to stomach cancer, and these minerals may cause heart disease and other diseases.

Deficiency of enzymes and hormones:

Breast milk contains a balanced ratio of more than 50 different types of enzymes and hormones that are necessary for the growth of the child and maintain his health devices, while artificial milk does not contain any hormones and enzymes.

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