Indian dieting for weight loss in less than a week

Indian dieting is one of the best modern diets to contain balanced nutrients that cause you to lose more than three kilo grams in less than a week. The person eating this diet can eat three meals without feeling hungry.

What are the elements of Indian dieting:

In short, the most important elements in this diet are fruit juices, green tea drink and skimmed milk. It is possible to eat foods containing fruits, vegetables and salads. It is well known that herbs and Indian spices have the ideal ability to lose weight due to their heat, which naturally dissolves fat and excess grease. Body.

Benefits of Indian Dieting:

Follow Indian dieting not only for weight loss but for health protection from future diseases.

Hot spices and warm spices help to fight and eliminate joint pain, inflammation, stomach diseases, abdominal and colon bloating, helping to correct the food route dramatically.

It greatly affects the neurotransmitters thus preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and is good for the mind thanks to yellow spices containing beta amyloid.

Indian food contains pepper, which has proven the relationship between handling and alleviation of diabetes, slimming and weight loss, as well as garlic and onions.

One of the most important elements in this diet is natural products such as fruits, vegetables and natural juices that never depend on canned foods or any external food.

The Indian diet has been classified as one of the top five foods in the world that protects against infections such as inflammation and cancer, always relying on curry, which prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses.

 Kari has a magic effect to prevent weight gain and help dissolve fat and fat leading to weight loss.

The acid, which contains large amounts of protein, zinc, and dietary fiber, as well as legumes, is used with its benefits and spicy vegetables such as spinach with its benefits.

Indian diet for 3 consecutive days to reduce from 3 to 4 Clio:

First day :

Breakfast meal: pineapple juice and a quarter cup of tomato juice or green tea Lemon slice with a quarter cup of low-fat milk, wheat grain on four tablespoons skimmed milk.

Lunch: Rice dish with lentils with the finest Indian spices with boiled carrots or homs and any vegetables.

Light meal: Fresh fruit salad or a slice of seasoned cheese.

Dinner: Indian tomato salad with soybeans, yogurt and green apple.

the second day :

Breakfast: Cup of tomato juice and skimmed milk with salted Indian slices.

Lunch: Indian-style egg-omelet with Indian-style mushroom cup toast slice.

Snack: banana

Dinner: Grilled meatballs with boiled vegetables.

the third day :

Breakfast: Large skimmed pulp of olive oil and toasted toasted toast slices.

Lunch: Indian-style vegetable soup and brown toast

Dinner: salad with a cup of Indian spaghetti with minced meat cooked on the Indian way.

You can complete the diet for the last week in the same style ..

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