Increase breast size naturally and without surgery

The size of the breast and increase the size of the chest has become a search for many women. Women do not want to enlarge the size of the breast surgical surgeries to enlarge and tighten the chest or the use of silicone to enlarge the size of the breast, which proved the seriousness of the use of research, and provides your health today the most important means to enlarge the size of natural breast and without Surgery.

Fruit multiplication

Eating fruits and whole grains such as oats, barley and brown rice has proved effective in enlarging the size of the chest because it limits the secretion of testosterone, which inhibits the growth of the breasts naturally, especially that this hormone is produced in very small quantities in women, and when the occurrence of excessive secretion arises, Women gain some male characteristics, such as small breasts.

Eat plants containing estrogens

The most important foods are soybeans, beans, peas, dairy products, sunflower seeds, linsons and pumpkins, as they stimulate the production of estrogen, which is primarily responsible for the growth of breast tissue and does not raise the chances of breast cancer, as with industrial estrogens.

The fries and potatoes

Drinking the ring a day helps to enlarge the chest and increase the size of the breast

Saw Palmetto

A herb sold at Attarine helps to increase the size of the breast and the delivery of milk to nursing mothers

Natural mixtures to enlarge the chest

Mix the ring to enlarge the chest

Mix two tablespoons of the ground ring with a cup of hot water, boil on the fire for a quarter of an hour, then add a tablespoon of yeast, leave the mixture until it cools, then put it on your chest and walk for 20 minutes and leave it for two hours. It is best to bend your chest with olive oil before putting the recipe on it.

Oil mix to enlarge the chest

Mix the same amount of olive oil and ring oil Amber oil (if available), preferably not more than half a cup, and start massage your chest in a circular way, for half an hour, and then pass a piece of ice on your chest until completely melt, this mixture grows your chest At the same time.

Mix of chickpeas and rose water to enlarge the chest

Add two tablespoons of ground water and 2 tablespoons of orange peel. Mix the ingredients well. Put them on the fire to blend with each other. Then massage your chest in a circular way and gently for 10 minutes, and you will notice the result after two weeks.

Chamomile to enlarge the chest

Ingredients :

  • Spoon of chamomile
  • An apple with peel
  • Spoon milk
  • Half a tablespoon of natural honey
  • Half a tablespoon of sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil
  • A small amount of crushed alum
  • Beetle with peeled or pear
  • Few pollen

Method :

– Boil a tablespoon of chamomile in a small amount of water for 3 minutes.

– Filter the chamomile well then add the apple and the quagmire without peeling, and set them on fire, and cover the container so as not to fly the rest of the chamomile.

– Remove the mixture from the fire and put it with a mixer and mix well until you get a creamy texture.

– Add half a teaspoon honey, half a teaspoon of milk and half a teaspoon of sweet almond oil and sesame oil to the mixture.

– Take the ingredients on the nihadiki and leave it for a period of an hour or more, then wash your breast with lukewarm water, then cool water and dry them gently.

With the repetition of the mixture you will feel the difference yourself without surgical intervention to enlarge the breasts or any cosmetic procedures.

Another important advice for breast enlargement is to avoid caffeine drinks, such as tea and coffee, or at least to reduce their intake, and to avoid alcohol and soft drinks, because of their harmful effects on long-term breast growth.

It is also advised to stay away from eating fast food, and ensure access to sufficient sleep, and eating large amounts of water, and exercise intensively.

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