Important tips to help children sleep well

Good sleep is very important for the child, it affects the vitality and activity of the day, and mood, and it has been scientifically proven that it stimulates growth hormone

The concept of good sleep is:
• adequate hours of sleep 
• quiet, uninterrupted or intermittent 
sleep • daytime sleep according to age of the child 
• sleep routine and biological 
clock sufficient hours of sleep: 
it is important that the mother learn the amount of sleep needed by her child to help him to get Bedroom hours by age:

0-2 months 
from 11 to 18 hours

2 – 12 months 
from 14 to 15 hours

1 – 3 years 
from 12 to 14 hours

3 – 5 years 
from 11 to 13 hours

5-10 years 
10 to 11 hours 
Good sleep unbroken or intermittent:
Every mother learn that the first three months of the child’s life is the most difficult, the mother is in constant exhaustion because of the irregular sleep of her child, and the whole day are hours of sleep and hours of waking Is not related to Nahar or night, the 
first month and a half, should not interfere with the mother, but they feed him and calm him and calm the child in her arms. 
After a month and a half, the mother must start with her child to distinguish between night and day, meaning that at night she begins to reduce the lights and reduce the sounds and create a comfortable sleep atmosphere. Gradually, the child sleeps regularly and increases his nighttime hours . 
If the child woke up to sleep during the night:First looking for the cause of concern, such as the need to change maintenance or go to the bathroom, adjusting his sleep uncomfortable, thirsty …. And meet his need without talking or manipulation or increase his alertness, and then put him in bed again quietly.

Daytime sleep: It
is normal for a child to get a day’s sleep. In newborns, such as nighttime sleep, he sleeps several sleeps every two to four hours, and the duration and duration of the sleep until the age of three, for one nap of half an hour to two hours, This daytime sleep does not affect the night’s sleep. On the contrary, the child’s need for it is a kind of comfort and to continue his day actively, and this day rest helps to sleep well at night, the child should not be forced to wake up unless exceeded. 
Sleep routine and biological clock: 
Give your baby a certain time of the day, plan a daily routine for sleeping, such as:

  • Cleaning teeth, warm bath, wearing sleep clothes, reading a story, reading the Koran, singing children’s song,
  • Reduce lighting and close the TV and computer and high voices,
  • Make sure the resting place and room temperature are comfortable.
  • Put your baby in bed while he is asleep and leave the room gently.
  • The daily routine is a time of activity, vigilance and evening time is the time of rest and relaxation, and the lack of discipline of the biological clock leads to a feeling of stress, insomnia, constant disturbance of appetite Dysfunction of certain hormones and general disorder of the vital functions of the body.

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