Important information about the wisdom tooth

Pain is one of the most annoying pains that we experience from time to time when we face tooth sensitivity and decay or the emergence of new teeth, and other problems of teeth more complicated, and always pain teeth make us moody and lose focus and can not enjoy eating, and during adolescence and the beginning of young people appear 4 The end of every corner of the mouth, called the “gnats of the mind” and we will talk in this report about the most important information about the wisdom of the mind and follow us.

Drosophila is the last type of insomnia that appears in the human mouth, usually from the age of 16 to 21 years, the normal rate is 4 nos, but there are some people may appear only 3 and some others may not appear to have any brain bug, Because they appear at the beginning stage of mental maturity of man.

Usually, the appearance of the spleen does not cause severe pain. If it grows normally, it does not cause more than a little sneeze, with some pulse at the end of the jaw, but if the tooth has problems, it will cause certain symptoms and pains.

If the process of appearance of the lesson is normal often there will be no symptoms, but if the incision of the method is wrong, it may occur torsion of the brain, and the size of the jaw may be smaller than the normal rate, the result is that the teeth of the mind will not be visible in the gums and The rest of the teeth will not be easy to clean, making it very susceptible to decay.

The process of the emergence of natural sphincter is supposed not to cause any problems, so that some may not feel, but if there is a problem in the emergence of the tooth occurs some symptoms, including:

  • There is a condition of stiffness in the jaw with a painful pain in the area of ​​the appearance of the tooth.
  • May often erupt in the growth area of ​​the tooth.
  • If the tooth comes out abnormally, it may cause friction to the inner surface of the mouth.
  • If the appearance of the spleen of the narrow mind leads to many problems such as various gingivitis, there will certainly be caries for the difficulty of cleaning the toothbrush brushing.

If you feel pain when you grow the spleen of the mind you can follow some home recipes, which help relieve the pain for a temporary period, but you should consult your doctor afterwards, and those home methods:

To remove harmful bacteria and relieve pain, a saline solution can be prepared at home by dissolving a tablespoon of salt in a quantity of warm water and rinsing the mouth when needed.

It has amazing benefits and anesthetic capacity for tooth pain, so we should always keep the house with clove oil or rinse to soften the pain of teeth which usually appears suddenly, and the way to use clove oil by putting a quantity of it on the cotton clean and put it on the place of pain, but we should not leave it long because it May lead to the opposite effect and irritation of the gums.

The method of using this oil is similar to the previous method, by placing an amount on the cotton and put it on the site of inflammation.

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