Important guidelines for preventing food poisoning … Know about it

With the spread of fast food everywhere, and the inability to control the quality of food most of the time , as many work long hours outside the house, as well as our children spend most of their time between school and clubs we have to eat so much abroad, where we do not know the source of food that we eat, Hunger may be severe, making us think of satisfying our stomach under any circumstances.

Many of us are also unaware of the proper ways to prepare and keep food clean . All of these factors lead to food poisoning suddenly and without warning, and complicate complications quickly, so it must be faced with the same speed, otherwise the situation worsened,

There are ways to check the toxicity of food both in your home and abroad, we will show you in the following:

It is preferred to be made of wood, not of plastic; the elimination of bacteria is easier on wood than plastic, and plastic panels retain bacteria for much longer.

And when washing cutting boards are washed the following mixture ( a quarter cup of water oxygen with 5 cups water or replace oxygen water with chlorine or Baldettol).

Finally, my lady, your eyes, your nose, and your mouth are your basic guide. Anything you might doubt about through its shape, smell or taste .. do not eat it and throw it away immediately, your health and your family’s health is never the experience.

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