I suffer from constipation what is the solution

Many people suffer from the problem of constipation and are always looking for an easy and comfortable solution. The problem of constipation makes the individual’s day a real suffering for him when he enters the bathroom, but what is constipation is constipation. Which leads to constipation, there are many reasons that cause the human sense of constipation and may increase the period in which a person is constipated, and may be short according to the symptoms experienced by the human, and through the article of your distinctive , and in response to the question puzzled all the followers, I suffer from constipation What is it? We will give you everything related to constipation Fattabona.Causes of constipation

There are many causes of constipation and may be the wrong habits that we do during the day and do not feel it.

The most important of these reasons :.

Constipation occurs because people take some unhealthy or non-fiber foods.

Where fiber works on the flexibility of bowel movement and ease of exit stool, when the human intake of some foods, such as meat, proteins and different types of cheese, reduce the movement of the bowel, and therefore the occurrence of constipation.

Regular intake of water is one of the causes of all organs, especially the intestines.

When a person abstains from taking water, he feels constipated. The individual must eat about 8 cups of water every day.

Exercise is one of the most common reasons for preventing constipation, so that it accelerates metabolism in the human body, thus facilitating the movement of the intestine, which in turn accelerates the process of output.

There are many medications when taken, reduce bowel movement, and therefore constipation, or have side effects that increase constipation, including:.I suffer from constipation what is the solution

  1. Opium opium.
  2. Depression.
  3. Antidepressants.
  4. Some iron supplements.

constipation treatment

Constipation can be treated by refraining from the causes of constipation mentioned above and by:.

  • Refrain from stimulants filled with caffeine such as coffee and soft drinks.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic substances.
  • Avoid excessive use of laxatives, because they work to restore the body to use and thus slow the movement of the bowel action and next to the final end of the intestines to damage, or damage to the lining of the intestines.
  • Regularity of emptying after meals daily at the same time.

This is in addition to taking regular water as mentioned above, continuing to exercise, and eating fiber-filled or dietary supplements that contain fiber such as: “selium”, “seeds of cotton”.

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