How to trim the nails of children and newborns

Cutting children’s nails is one of the most important things for every mother especially with the first child. Many of them always ask what is the best time to cut the nails of the child and how can I trim the nail without any fatigue and what is the correct way to trim the nails of children and newborns?

According to Dr. Hana Abdel Moneim, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, many mothers fear the length of the nails of the child to scratch the face and the postpartum at any stage after birth can be trimmed the nails of the child and may begin at an early stage, which can cause the nail to enter under the skin and cause bleeding If the child has an early story, the nails of the newborn babies are often soft. Instead of cutting the nails of the baby, the mother can wear the child’s gloves, or keep him wrapped so that his hands do not come close to his face. When stiffening the nails, he can begin to trim them. .

Dr. Hana notes that the fingernails of the hands grow more quickly than the nails of the feet, which may force the mother to trim more than once in a week.

Dr. Hana says that the easiest way to trim your child’s nails is to peel the tip of the nail, so that it is easy to remove the excess. You can also purchase nail scissors for children, which are placed at a sharp angle.

And advises Dr. Hana when cutting the nails of the child that the father is helping the mother to do this task and that the child to hold the child and prevent movement until the mother pruning the nails without a compliment and preferably the time to trim the nails of the child when sleeping or when eating where the child is quieter or be After bathing the child so that the nails are more soft.

Finally, if the child bleeds accidentally while pruning the nail, calm down and place a piece of gauze on the place of bleeding and press gently until the bleeding stops and do not place the lactus on the child’s nails so as to avoid placing it with a mouth, which may cause the child to suffocate.

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