How to treat your wife during her period?

In fact, we all know that a large proportion of women all over the world face every month or less or more of the pre-menstrual period because of the hormonal changes that occur in their bodies and their results reflect their psychological state and mood. Of course, not all women face this crisis. There are those who practice this period even without any other changes in their behavior and temperament.

Therefore, if your spouse suffers at any time during the period of the menstrual cycle of these mental disorders or even physical aches, you should take into account the situation in this sensitive period and treat it in a special way. This is useful not only for you but for you too. If there is tension or tension between you, it will reflect on you both, and even on the children.

Here are some general guidelines that can help you deal with your spouse during this critical period:

– Avoid engaging in heated discussions with her , stirring controversial topics or topics she does not like, which can aggravate her psychological crisis. Just keep up with her, listen to her and answer her questions and even if she wants to get into a fight, try to avoid it and feel it is right. This will not diminish your personality or your manhood, but will show your ability to understand your wife and the extent of your love and care for her, especially as most of her actions out of her will because of the turmoil in the hormones and influential in the state of psychological and normal behavior.

–  Do not say to your wife that they are going through the crisis now is most often not be absorbed that the excess nerve have to do with the menstrual cycle and the same does not receive an explanation for their actions sometimes after the stability of the psychological state and review for itself apologize for what Badr.

– Try to listen to her words and problems without any solutions . Good reviews alone, the wife feels a psychological comfort to help relieve the nervous tension in which it is.

–  to show neither any surprise about their behavior or change their habits during the crisis .vhnak women Ibadr of them strange habits during the crisis period, including not wanting to eat or hate kind of food was loving before the crisis. In this case you should not show surprise or surprise at the fluctuations of his wife’s habits before or during the crisis. Because informing the wife that her behavior is wrong and strange behavior can increase the severity of her inferiority.

– Avoid doing everything that bothers you through the marital life shared between you, you know well what does not love your wife. And know that it can exaggerate the simplest things so it is better to avoid everything that bothers and even if you committed something angry and began to complain, you only accept criticism from them.

– Try to help with household chores and food preparation. You know that your wife often experiences severe pain in the back, abdomen, feet or other areas of the body. So you can not stand long in the kitchen to prepare food or bend to clean the floor. Often when the pain intensifies you want to stay warm and lying in her room. All you can do in this case is to be warm and covered with a warm cover and attended to a soothing and warm drink if she wanted to. There are women who take only analgesics. You can sit next to her and Tawaseha but if the kind that do not want to be approached by one, especially at the top of her pain, do not think about approaching and if only one step!

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