How to treat vaginal itching during pregnancy

Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy Some pregnant women experience pregnancy during pregnancy. Vaginal itching is often caused by imbalance in the acid balance of the vagina or by vaginal infection with bacterial or fungal infection. Vaginal itching during pregnancy can be treated with some household methods. “Some effective ways to treat vaginal itching in pregnancy.

Drink more fluids

Vaginal itching is sometimes caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the vaginal area. The best way to do this is to drink more fluids that help to increase urination, which leads bacteria from within the cervix causing vaginal itching.

Vitamin C

Vitamy C in pregnancy increases the effectiveness of the immune system as well as your pain during urination, which is often the source of bladder infection.

Eat yogurt

Yogurt or yoghurt contains many beneficial bacteria that help maintain the acid balance of the vaginal area, reducing the chances of growth of vaginal itching bacteria.

Test vaginal acidity

The vaginal acidity test is one of the best methods for treating vaginal infections . You can buy vaginal acidity from pharmacies and you can work at home by placing the test strip on the outer surface of the vagina for 5 seconds and then waiting for five minutes until the color of the test strip changes You can compare the color of the tape with the appropriate grades in the test box.

If the pH is greater, the vaginal infection is known to be bacterial or if it is alkaline, suggesting some vaginal fungi that may be the cause of vaginal itching .

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