How to take your baby steps

Some new mothers feel the tension and dread of wearing their baby clothes for fear of harming him while doing so because of her experience in the right way to follow her child to be comfortable and safe.

Today, dear mother, we will help you with how to dress your baby step by step in a safe and easy way.

It is best to choose soft, flexible, easy-to-wear clothes such as those made of cotton, and if they contain buttons or zippers, make sure they are unobtrusive or harmful to your child. Clothing with wide neck and sleeve openings ensures comfort for you and your baby.

In the beginning you should choose the baby’s clothing and prepare it next to you in the right place and tidy, and make sure that everything is okay before proceeding to take off the baby’s clothes. Also make sure the room is warm enough not to cool your baby.

Stretch the child in front of you on his back in a comfortable position and stand by his side and talk to him and his caresses so that he feels comfortable and safe.

You can also get his attention to a certain point by hanging a game above him to look at and not shake his head a lot while wearing it.

Start by expanding the head slot with your hands as much as possible, then raise the child’s head slightly and place the hole behind his head completely and insert the head gently and do not be bothered to pull it hard on the face.

Then hold one of the sleeves and insert your fingers from the opening, and with your other hand hold the hand of the young and let her meet with your fingers inside the sleeve and then gently pull his hand down the whole sleeve and thus ensure the safety of your fingers are more vulnerable to injury while wearing the child so you have to keep his hand always that way .

In the same way I wear it the other.

Then, open the socks opening with your hand and gently insert your small foot into your hands.

In the same way as your sleeves, insert your fingers from the man’s hole and enter your hand from the other hand. Hold the child’s foot gently and lift the trousers to the knee. Then put your hand under the back of the child and lift it a little gently and the other hand lift the pants to the waist.

If your child’s clothing is in a cloud, you should put your hand between the cloud and the child’s body to ensure that the skin is protected from harm.

As for the jacket after entering the first child’s hand in the same way we talked about, put your hand behind his back and lift him a little and the other hand pass the jacket gently behind him and then enter the other hand.

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