How to Stop Snoring Without Drugs

According to statistics, men are more likely to snore than women, with 4 in 10 men around the world having snoring.

Causes of snoring

The nose and throat are responsible for the annoying snoring caused during your sleep. Usually there are soft muscles in the mouth that help pass the air in its normal course, but some of these muscles relax and narrow the airway and cause snoring.

There are other factors that help increase the sound and make snoring more powerful, including:

  • Drink alcohol
  • overweight
  • Take hypnotic pills,
  • Nasal polyps
  • Colds
  • And the crooked nose

In all these cases you breathe through the mouth, and finally smokers are more likely to snore than nonsmokers, because their airway is blocked due to cigarette smoke.

In addition to the inconvenience caused to all family members and friends, snoring has more serious effects, because it can cause so-called sleep apnea caused by obstruction because of the relaxation of the muscles of the throat more than blocking breathing, and of course you wake up and suffocate, causing insomnia and exhaustion of the body given For lack of oxygen and shortness of sleep, in the short term, the recurrence of this problem leads to excessive nerve and feeling tired, and in the long run may cause high and heart crises and stroke, and therefore prefer to wear a splint during sleep and continuous pressure to strengthen the Lupus and back tight again and reduce their relaxation.

How to Stop Snoring Without Drugs

How to Stop Snoring Without Drugs

You can control or reduce snoring during sleep by simple steps:

  •  Do not drink alcohol.
  •  Try to lose weight or maintain a sports body.
  • Lift the bed slightly from the head to sleep in a sloping position which helps to breathe better.
  • I lie on your side and do not sleep on my back or abdomen.
  • Keep the nasal passages clean to be open all the time by inhaling steam, and you can put a bit of camphor oil on the pillow to help open the airway always.
  • You can use nasal contact because it actually helps open the blocked airway.
  • If you do everything and it keeps getting worse, in this case you have to have a quick operation after consulting your doctor

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