How to sterilize your baby during long trips

Most mothers sterilize their baby by boiling it on the kitchen stove or putting it in the dishwasher. These choices are not easily available while traveling, so it is usually possible to clean the baby’s soaps with soap and water, but if you are traveling in areas where the water sources may be immure , you should sterilize the lactation well to ensure that the germs are eliminated. The use of unclean water to wash the baby bottle can result in the child being infected with parasites. Therefore, follow these steps to ensure that your baby’s bites are sterilized while traveling.

1 –  Wash well with warm water and soap using a bottle brush. Then rinse the bottle well to get rid of the soap.

2. Put the bottle, cover with the nipple and cover it inside a valid bag to enter the microwave . Pour 120 ml of potable water into the bag and close it tightly.

3 – Put the bag on the turntable of the microwave,  or on the floor of the microwave if there is no rotary disk.

 Two-minute microwave operation at 1100 watts, or three minutes at 800-1000 watts or five minutes at 500-750 watts depending on the possibilities of the microwave available. You can find the wattage of the microwave on its label either on the front or bottom of the back of the microwave.

5 – remove the bag from the microwave and the dimensions along the arm and then open the bag and be careful to dump hot water gently inside the basin. And make sure that the opening of the bag away from your face so as not to be exposed to hot vapors.

6. After emptying all the water, take the parts of the breast from the bag with dry tissue and keep it in a sealed container until it is used.

Properly sterilizing your legumes while traveling is essential to maintaining your child’s health and safety.

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