How To Speed ​​Up Metabolism To Burn Fat

Metabolism is simply a number of chemical processes that are carried out inside the body by enzymes in order to generate the necessary energy, the greater the amount of fat, the greater the proportion of fat burning process, therefore the loss of excess weight.

 In the normal time, a person needs between 1,100 to 1,300 calories a day to take his energy. We offer a number of ways to speed up metabolism for fat burning.

First add some foods to your diet such as:

– Coconut oil mainly helps to speed up metabolism and burn many calories because the burning process is usually done in 6 hours, but the benefits of coconut oil accelerate it.

– Eat fatty fish because it works to speed up the metabolism as it does not store fat in the body and does not cause any harm to the body such as salmon and sardines.

– You can replace chocolate and biscuits with sesame, flaxseed and sunflower seeds because they improve metabolism and treat sleep disorders.

– Avoid taking stimulants such as tea and coffee or reduce them by drinking only one cup in the morning but without sugar.

– Eliminating the protein from the diet food line but eating some proteins that fight slow metabolism.

– Eat amino acids and low fat rates help to speed up the metabolism

– Reduce sugars because sugar slows metabolism and leads to weight gain Sugar can be replaced with honey.

– Reduce the number of meals slow down the metabolism so try to eat on a larger number of meals and divided into a meal, lunch, dinner and snacks in the middle of that way the body continues metabolism and increase its speed.

– Adjusting sleep schedules Sleep regulation helps the secretion of hormones, appetite and metabolism, so the average hours of sleep should be 6 to 8 hours so that the body can produce metabolic factors

– Do not deprive of food Valergim does not mean hunger, but reduce the amounts of food taken to reduce the fat accumulated in the body and loss of excess weight.

Second Exercise:

– Aerobic exercises are the most effective to burn calories and speed up metabolism. You can allocate 160 minutes per week for the practitioner. These exercises such as walking, walking, riding, swimming with a healthy and appropriate diet.

– Exercise strength exercises because it increases the burning of fatty tissues, thus increase the muscle mass and help to lose weight and accelerate the process of metabolism and growth of muscles of the leg and hip, abdomen and shoulders.

Recipes to speed up metabolism:

Lemon with warm water: Water with lemon helps to keep the body moist and fights extreme hunger All you have to do is drink lemon juice with a glass of warm water.

Ginger: helps to increase and accelerate the metabolism and reduces calories, just a tablespoon of ginger with warm water, or chewing ginger daily.

Chili Peppers: Increase the temperature of the body to create a strong food representation You can add chili powder to food or power.

Apple cider vinegar: is a good treatment to increase the rate of metabolism and burning calories Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on a glass of water a day accelerates metabolism.

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