How to slim the thighs in 7 days

The thigh area is one of the most areas of the body able to store fat, but it is necessary to get rid of these fats and fats in various ways, and in this article will be addressed how to slim the thighs in just 7 days.

How to slim the thighs in 7 days

Food Control

This is as follows:

The fat can be found in fried foods, cheeses, desserts and fast food, and can be replaced with coconut oil or olive oil, but also in moderate amounts.

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This type of food plays a very important role in muscle building and consistency, as well as the slimming of the thighs. The most important examples are: fish, seaweed, soy, lean meat, eggs and chicken meat. Starchy foods break into two types The latter are the slow sugars and the other fixed; where the latter has an acceptance to remain in the body and stored more than others, specifically from eating at night.

We mentioned earlier that the thigh area is one of the most acceptable areas for storing and accumulating fat, so it should be disposed of and expelled by drinking one and a half liters of water a day to get rid of toxins, as well as hot drinks such as herbal tea, tea and soup to eliminate fat.

It should be noted that salt intake contributes to the storage of water and holding it in the area of ​​the thighs, so to start the first steps to slim the thighs should be rid of salt and control the amount consumed daily.

The most common damage to the body is the consumption of sugar, as this sugar turns into glucose in the blood and harms the body, and advised to avoid eating very sweet fruit, cakes and sweets, especially in the evening.

Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as low-calorie, and provide the body with an appropriate amount of fiber and thus slimming thighs, and the most important vegetables can be used in the task of slimming thighs: eggplant, carrots, onions, green beans , Halion, Cabbage, Cauliflower.

Aerobics Accelerating Slimming Thighs:

Helps to get rid of extra weight in the whole body; especially in the area of ​​the thighs, and advised to practice the method of fins, which need great effort in the performance; thus stimulate the building of more muscles in the thighs.

It plays an effective role in burning fat and reducing the accumulated weight, including the thighs, preferably for 40 minutes.

It is a very enjoyable exercise and can be practiced for a relatively long time without fatigue.

Sports activity is the easiest in practice, helps to slim the thighs and burn fat accumulated in them, can climb the stairs and shop on foot instead of using the amenities.

Dancing entertainment type helps you move the lower body and thus burn calories and is advised to practice Latin and African dances.

This exercise is amusing and achieves the goal of slimming the thighs with ease.

This sport activates blood circulation and increases its flow to the thighs, thus increasing burning .

Other effective ways to slim the thighs:

This technique is very old and painful as well, but it has a great effectiveness in slimming of the thighs. Therefore, it is recommended to open the cold water shower after finishing the bath on the thighs, thus activating the blood circulation and increasing its flow.

The auxiliary creams are widely used to slim the thighs; however, they are not effective enough. Their use is to rub and massage the thighs, thus stimulating blood circulation.

A manual pressure method is used to activate and stimulate the lymph nodes and thus to relax the thighs. It is noted that such methods should be practiced by the hands of an expert and specialized in natural massage, and repeat the process once or twice a month.

This method has stimulated a large wave and sensation in the field of slimming of the thighs, which helps to eliminate fat cells and control them greatly, and disappear gradually when committed to the use of the cooling system; this by dropping the severe cold on this area and remove the congested lipid cells, and less pain and more effective than Lymphatic drainage method.

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