How to remove traces of burns from the body

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Burning is painful and causes serious skin damage due to heat effects. The most important measures to be taken when burning is to expose the damaged part to cold water or ice cubes to relieve the pain and to prevent the appearance of ulcers. Here are some steps you should take at home. When exposed to burns, apply cold water and go directly to the nearest hospital. As for the treatment of minor burnsSkin image

It is the outer layer. Dermis containing collagen and elastic fibers where neurons, blood vessels, sweat glands and hair roots settle. In addition to the subcutaneous layer, where there are larger nerves and blood vessels, which plays the most important role in regulating the temperature. The amount of damage caused by any burn based on the affected area, the depth of the burn, and the percentage of the affected area of ​​the total surface area of ​​the body.

Burning is the damage to the skin or other parts of the body due to exposure to extreme heat or flame, or because of touching hot objects or because of exposure to chemicals, and the treatment of burning depends on the depth and area and place of burning, the patient may be treated by putting a cold package on The location of the injury or may require the patient to emergency treatment within the hospital, and also there are burns of types, and will be clarified burns later.Photo Hand

When people are exposed to burn, they will have many symptoms and signs, and these symptoms depend on the main cause of the burning, and also depend on the types of burns, and these symptoms that will appear when burning include:

  • Blisters are in the affected area.
  • Feeling pain.
  • Peel the skin in the affected area.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • Swelling of the affected area.
  • The affected skin becomes white or black.
  • Skin palpitations or weakness or decreased alertness.

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Burns occur due to many causes, but burns caused by heat or caused by touching flames or touching hot metals are the most common causes of burns, and there are also many other reasons that lead to burning, these reasons include:

  • Fire.
  • Hot liquid or steam.
  • Hot metal.
  • Some types of X-rays.
  • Electrical currents.
  • UV rays as sunlight.
  • Chemicals such as acids, cleaning materials or benzene.

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How to classify the types of burns

It causes superficial inflammation of the skin in the form of pain, redness, slight swelling, and the affected area is very painful when touched. Sunburns are usually classified as first-degree burns.

It is deeper and appears in the skin affected by pustules or bubbles in addition to signs of inflammation of pain and redness.

The deeper layers include all the skin including the blood vessels and nerves, making the degree of pain in them less severe than second-degree burns.

The burns sometimes develop from one degree to the next. In several hours the burning of the first degree may become deeper and turn into the second degree, as in the sun burns that are pustules the next day, for example,

Develop into third-degree burns . Whatever the type of burns it involves inflammation and the accumulation of fluid around and inside the wound, we should also not forget that the skin is the body’s first line of defense against microbes, which means that burning increases the risk of infection, whether in the same place of burning or any other part of the body.Photo Hand

– Put a teaspoon of lemon juice on a piece of cotton and massage the effects of wounds. Leave for 10 minutes and wash the area with lukewarm water.

– Mix two tablespoons of natural henna with two tablespoons of fine wheat flour and then add the mixture to a cup ofnatural and mix all ingredients well with electric bat or hands Adni area affected by the paste well for an hour a day before sleep.

– Mix two tablespoons fresh with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and then mix the mixture over the wound and knead for 3 minutes. Put a hot towel on the application area and when cool, remove the mixture from the wound.

– Apply the wound area with pure castor oil daily (not preferred on the face because it increases the density of skin hair).

– Onion water: This component contains anti-inflammatory properties allow the body to produce collagen to cover the effects of the wound.

– Olive oil: massage the effects of wounds by one tablespoon of olive oil for 5 minutes to remove them in a natural way.

– Aloe Vera plant: Execrate one of the leaves of the plant and apply the generation that comes out on the site of the wound traces several times a day.

– Cucumber paste: You can prepare it yourself by peeling the cucumber seeds and remove the seeds and mix them in the blender with four sheets of mint. In another bowl, whip one egg and add to the mixture. Apply the mixture to the wound for 20 minutes and wash with cold water. Mix the mixture several times a week.

Most burns can occur at home, and children are most likely to be burned. The best way to prevent burns is to avoid exposure to burning agents. There are also many ways to avoid exposure to all types of burns. These include:

  • Keep children out of the kitchen during cooking.
  • Rotate the handles of the pots away from the fireplace.
  • Put a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
  • Ensure that smoke detectors are working properly.
  • Replace the devices that operate on the smoke detector at least once every 10 years.
  • Avoid heating water to a temperature higher than 49 ° C.
  • Check the water temperature before bathing.
  • Install the outlet covers well.
  • Make sure there are no exposed wires.
  • Removal of chemicals from children.
  • Avoid harmful sun rays, wear sunglasses.
  • Make sure the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Clean the equipment that fires periodically.

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