How to recognize pregnancy symptoms?

Early pregnancy symptoms are mildly mild. If you know what the symptoms of early pregnancy may be, you may be able to tell if you are pregnant or not. Can the pregnancy test be performed in urine to confirm pregnancy? Symptoms of early pregnancy appear within days of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

– Some blood drops : Note some drops of blood in the underwear is a sign and symptoms of early pregnancy , and that because after the occurrence of pregnancy and birth in the implantation of fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus occurs a drop of some blood drops, which can be seen in underwear. 
Blood drops vary from pregnancy to monthly blood in terms of quantity. They are few and also in color, and occur after about one to two weeks of pregnancy and fertilization of the egg. Some women feel cramps, pain in the lower abdomen and desire to itch as a result.

– Pain in the breast : The feeling of pain in some areas of the breast is one of the symptoms and signs of early pregnancy, and often do not notice some women because of the usual pain in the breast before the advent of the menstrual cycle, but in the case of pregnancy symptoms be slightly lighter than breast pain before the session Monthly.

– Sense of smell : Some women experts in the symptoms of early pregnancy know that increasing the sense of smell is one of the most early signs of pregnancy observed by women, as a result of the high level of some hormones in the body after pregnancy occurs an increase in sense of smell, such as kitchen smell and food preparation or the smell of home carpet And other odors that increase after pregnancy.

– Dizziness and nausea : Feeling nausea and dizziness symptoms of early pregnancy, which may continue during the first three months of pregnancy, especially during the morning, and with the progress in pregnancy become feeling dizzy and nausea during the day at any time and can be mixed dizziness in some pregnant and you think that the symptoms Cold and flu infection.

– Increase the number of hours of sleep : Some pregnancy and changes in the level of hormones in the body that increase the desire to sleep throughout the day with the feeling of continuous fatigue, and the increase in the number of hours of sleep are signs of early pregnancy.

– Late menstrual period : delayed cycle is one of the most signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, which can be observed, although not considered the delay of the menstrual cycle is a sure sign of pregnancy and that is because there may be a disorder in your menstrual cycle, especially after stopping pills Or malnutrition and anemia.

Confirm the occurrence of sentences

The appearance of signs and symptoms of early pregnancy does not confirm the final occurrence of pregnancy, but are positive indicators of pregnancy and must resort to the next step is to confirm pregnancy and be either a pregnancy test in urine through pregnancy test strips found in pharmacies or conduct a blood analysis to confirm the pregnancy in the laboratory, which can To confirm the occurrence of pregnancy after a week of fertilization and fetal development.

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