How to protect your children from colds during the winter?

Winter is the cold and flu season, and children are most vulnerable. Parents look for ways to keep their children healthy and prevent colds during that period. It may be difficult to completely isolate children from the surrounding environment either at school or in contact with other children at home or on the street, but some simple tips can help to increase immunity and prevent most winter illnesses.

Follow this article to learn the best ways to protect your children from colds and flu this season.

Wash your hands well

One of the most important steps that children must follow to prevent infections and infections is to wash hands thoroughly. Inform your children to wash their hands after returning home directly, before eating meals. Most viral and bacterial infections are transmitted through contact with unclean surfaces during shopping, play, exercise or school. Therefore, always keep soap or hand sanitizer for your children to use.

Avoid contact with the face

Children should get used to not touching the face, especially the nose, mouth and eye area. The hands are most susceptible to transmitting germs, which may reach within the body by touching the different areas of the face that are transmitted through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream.

3. Sterilization of the house

Clean the house well with sterilization of some places such as handles, keyboard, lighting switches, telephone headset, remote controls, desks, and all places children touch to avoid transmission. Use an antiseptic solution to disinfect and disinfect the house and eliminate germs.

Also, make sure to clean and disinfect children’s toys regularly, especially in case of illness, to avoid infecting others.

4 – the use of tissue paper

Use paper napkins to clean the kitchen surfaces and after washing your hands and disposing of them immediately. Germs may remain for several hours in cotton towels. Or one towel can be used for each family member.

5. Healthy nutrition

Balanced healthy food is one of the best ways to boost the immune system of children. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen immunity and prevent disease. Avoid fast food and ready-to-eat foods while eating fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance.

Avoid passive smoking

Cigarette smoke can cause respiratory infections and increase the chances of childhood colds. Ensure that your children are not exposed to cigarette smoke or contaminated exhausts to prevent disease and enhance immunity.

7. Drops of the nose

Pharmacies have droplets of nasal saline solution that help purify the airway, remove excess mucus and relieve congestion.

8. Sleep for sufficient periods

Getting enough sleep helps boost your child’s immunity. Children who do not sleep well are more likely to get infected and get cold during the winter.

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