How to prepare for a new baby from A to Z …

Pre-pregnancy preparations: Planning for pregnancy

Healthy Preparedness: It is very important that the next mother take care of the pregnancy by feeding it and her health and make sure of the health rates of her iron and calcium. 
The experts concluded that the ideal difference between children is three years, and their argument is that when the mother is pregnant in a short period, her body is a consumer and not fully healthy. It was noted that the pregnancy that occurs before the completion of six months from the first birth results in a child is incomplete and under weight The mother’s pregnancy, which is still in the period of breastfeeding, will require the cessation of breastfeeding for the first child and will not take his right to proper breastfeeding.

Physical preparation:
From the previous experience of receiving the first child, the parents have a realistic idea of ​​the child’s budget, which includes: diapers, many clothes by changing size quickly, follow-up with a pediatrician – especially the first year – vaccinations and sometimes the need for artificial coffee … ..
Is there a capacity and readiness material? !!

Do you have marital problems? It is wrong to believe in the theory that having more children will help nearly the couple. The right is to receive the child in a good psychological environment and with two parents,
whether the husband is available for help or a commuter. Is there a dependable relative? 
Is your child in need of extra care? Has a psychological or health problem, and needs follow-up with a doctor and a concentrated effort of parents.

Pregnancy preparations

• Stability on a doctor and follow up for a period before birth, adherence to vaccinations and intake of essential vitamins during pregnancy.

• The beginning of the purchase of the clothes of the baby will be after knowing the type of fetus in the fifth month, and buy clothes that match the temperature and separation.

• Prepare the larger child to accept his younger brother, by:
* Explain the meaning of brotherhood in a simplified way: like watching cartoons in which models of brotherhood between humans or animals. 
* Participation of the child in the purchase of new baby supplies.

• Emphasize the idea that the new baby will not reduce the love of the parents of the child, will not take him something of his favorite games but each one will have his games, and it is possible to share the games together.

• Avoid talking to the child about thoughts that may cause him frustration such as: I wish I had a son, a boy will be a boy this time, I want his skin open than his brother, I want him to be not like his father like his brother.

• Be interested in the establishment of his birthday this year, so as not to be jealous of his brother when he works for him a quarter or aqeeqah and find people buy gifts for the newborn and this may feel careless negligence.

Preparations for the last week

Preparing the delivery bag with baby supplies and personal belongings. 
Mother’s accessories:
1- Comfortable sleeping shirt, reception shirt. 
2. Bathroom items (towel shampoo comb tooth brush, paste, sweat remover, perfume). 
3 – sanitary napkins. 
4 – comfortable chest straps. 
5. Cotton underwear. 
6 – Mattress for your bed. 
Baby accessories:
1. Underwear and pajamas. 
3. Pregnant child. 
4- Baroness. 
5 – Towels for burping. 
6. Wipes with cream for cleaning. 
7- Bath (Towel, Shampoo, Powder, Cream).

It is best if one of the acquaintances leaves you with the freedom to choose the birth gift you want. Choose something that you need in the coming months, such as:
baby carriage, car seat, rocking chair, short chair, walker, eating chair.

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