How to perform pressure exercises to tighten the chest and arms

It is easy to do stress exercises at home because it is an effective way to strengthen the chest and arms. You can start simple exercises to the complex exercises so we will provide an explanation of how to perform pressure exercises easily ..

First Position First lying on the ground:

Take your lying position on the floor, face down, keep your feet together, put the weight on your chest, put your hands down on the floor, so that your hands are shoulder to shoulder, and then touch your toes forward. Earth foot.

Second Ascending:

To climb upward on the hands at that point should be all weight on the hands and the front of the foot with the body in a straight line from the top of the head and even the bottom of the heels, with the reduction of the abdominal cavity to maintain the area of ​​the Orcak heard this situation that body board can be from That’s the way to do a lot of other exercises, so most athletes use the word ‘board’ a lot in their mathematical terms.

Third, choose among the types of stress exercises:

There are three pressure exercises that you use the exercise of several sporadic muscles depending on where you will put your hand on it, for example, the closer the hands together whenever you use the muscle and the trio I removed hands will use the muscles of the chest so prefer two positions:

Normal position: The distance between the hands is slightly wider than the shoulder width together This mode is used for arms and chest area.

Diamond status: The hands are close together in the form of a diamond that exercise to strengthen the arms.

Tips for Better Effectiveness for Exercises:

Concentrate on using the chest muscles instead of the arms as they work to build muscle faster.

Eat very little food before doing these exercises do not overdo it.

Warm up before starting because it reduces the risk of any muscle strain and reduces pressure on joints.

It is necessary to use the soft floor before starting, for example, thin carpets or floor mats, yoga mat and so on ..

For beginners, do not force yourself to do excessive exercise with pre-exercise.

Benefits of pressure exercises:

It takes only a few minutes to take your time.

Its impact on the whole body is unbelievable as it exercises the whole body.

You can train them once a week.

Can be resorted to when fatigue or mental fatigue to relieve it.

It has many benefits on the chest area, hands, legs, arms, shoulder, upper back, lower back, full six abdominal muscles, glutis muscle, quadriceps, leg ligament and ligament.

Strengthens the heart muscle.

You do not need any technical equipment to do it, can be done anywhere, do not require a coach and do not participate in a gym.

Helps remove grease in the abdominal area.

It has its benefits with dietary diets.

– Video Explanation exercises pressure:

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