How to overcome your child’s fear of visiting a dentist

Visiting a dentist to check your child’s teeth may cause you a lot of problems, as children suffer from fear of a dentist’s office, and today we offer tips to overcome your child’s fear of visiting a dentist.

Start early

The sooner the visit, the better. This visit builds a good relationship with the child and the doctor.

Make it simpler for your child

When preparing for the visit, especially the first visit, do not talk to the child about the details. It may make him ask a lot of questions and he may have a lot of questions. But make sure to leave a good impression inside the child about the dentist and the process of dental examination, you can talk about the disadvantages and damages of non-care of teeth. But also do not let the child know that it is so easy to lose confidence in your eyes if something is wrong.

Choose the appropriate words

Do not tell the child some words like pain or surgery. But leave it to the doctor to explain to the child vocabulary used in simplified language. Instead, explain it to the child in the form of tales. For example, you can tell the child that the doctor will look for sugar bags hidden between his teeth, which works on tooth decay and bacteria deposited in the mouth to also look for sugar. And that if the boy cleaned his teeth brush daily he will remove the sugar hidden in his teeth and bacteria will not accumulate in the mouth and will not need to go to the doctor much.

Help the child to imagine it

By reading books or watching videos that show the shape of a dental clinic and dental tools. Many parents share their children in such activities to help them get used to visiting the dentist before making the actual visit.

Do not take your son to visit your father’s or mother’s doctor

This is a common mistake that may give the child terrible memories when hearing about talk about the removal, filling and toothache. So leave the visit to the child bad impressions of the examination of the teeth and visit the doctor when he saw the adults are suffering, let alone small and sense.

Prepare for the child’s frequency when the first visit

It is natural at such a stage that the child cries and whines and does not want to be examined by a stranger. You should consult your dentist about such things to give you some tips as they face such situations all the time. The doctor may ask you to stay with the son during the examination so that he feels reassured and also to prevent him from grabbing the doctor’s tools and staying calm.

Do not bribe or reward the child

Do not get used to such an act, so as not to increase the child’s reluctance. For example, when the mother says: If I stay calm I will give you some candy, makes the child think why my mother asks me to keep calm or why my mother expect me to cry, is this doctor so bad?

The importance of dental care

Teaching children from childhood How to take care of teeth and care for them and protect them from caries saves you a lot of trouble and the burden of visiting the dentist and the fear of children.

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