How to make your child love vegetables and fruits

Many parents find it difficult to persuade their children to eat healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits. The child is attracted to what the media publishes in their advertisements about snacks and fast foods that are harmful to the child, in contrast to healthy foods. Carry important nutritional values ​​to build the child’s body and complete growth.

– So we offer you a set of tips to make your child accept healthy foods, including vegetables and fruits: 

– You and your husband to eat vegetables and fruits in front of him, the child loves the tradition of adults and will do the ideals.

– Return your child to eat three basic meals within your home at certain times.

– Give your child vegetables in attractive forms, as if cut in the form of animals and faces or a variety of colors.

– Put healthy foods among foods that your child loves and if he does not accept this, try more than once his desire to eat a particular food changes at every moment.

– When you go to the market and your choice of vegetables and fruits take your child with you and participate in the selection.

– When preparing the vegetable salad invited your child to participate with you and if he can not make him sit with you and you are preparing this will be excited to experience the taste.

– Do not make your child eat sweets, chocolates, fried potatoes and ice creams, as this will make him stop eating vegetables and fruits.

– Do not you and your husband human gas and bottled juices canned in front of him because he will love the experience of what they try.

– Encourage your child to drink natural juices and fruits and vegetables instead of eating fast food and sweets.

– If the child refuses to eat vegetables and fruits do not provide him with other foods that he wants to eat when he feels hungry will eat it against his will to get used to it.

– When you go on a picnic or a trip outside the house, prepare the foods you will eat at home and put some vegetables and fruits.

– Do not provide your child with large amounts of vegetables and fruits, but give him the proportion of his age and small sizes.

– Make your child eat more than one type in the vegetable dish, so do not let him eat only tomatoes, for example, but make him taste other varieties as well.

– Do not give your child the food he prefers as a reward for eating vegetables because this will make him think that the vegetables are not as good as the other food.

– If your child refuses to eat vegetables or fruits or some of them at first, do not irritate and resent and eat it against his will, but try to be with him and use other methods because this method will give him a sense of hatred of these varieties more.

– When eating eat talking to him and jokes and cut him some stories about the great benefits of vegetables and fruits and their positive effects in human health.

Your child will not accept all the things you want him to do right away. Even if he has the benefit, he does not realize it yet, but you have to be patient, confident and try new things in stimulating healthy eating.

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