How to love your child and make him eat healthy food

Are you trying hard as a mother to provide your child with balanced and healthy meals for his growth. But you do not agree, making the task of convincing your child to eat healthy, healthy food is not easy.

Know that the nature of the psychological children, make them inclined to the varieties of sweets, chocolate and ice cream, and all food products that depend on the colors in the composition or in terms of packaging. They are mostly unhealthy products for its growth.

Here are smart ways and helpful tips to get your child to eat all kinds of food, especially fruits and vegetables.

  • Putting fruits at the fingertips of children and in front of their eyes will always create a kind of calf which encourages them to experience a new type of fruit.
  • Most children do not like to chew food, so it is preferable to prepare a variety of fruit juices or grind them until we get a soft and rich cream that can be made with a little honey.
  • Dependence on the integration of fruits in the desalination of children, especially the preparation of apple pie, and the authority of various fruits with a little ice cream to infuse the children to eat fruit salad or put pieces of chocolate on the face are ways to open the appetite of children to eat healthy.
  • Be careful to provide food in a fun way with the dedication and rely on decorating the dining table, and be firm when providing fresh food and health of the child, and the lack of progress and provide alternatives in the case of refusing to eat and left to starve to eat healthy food will not find a substitute.
  • In the case of travel, excursions or family outings, healthy food sandwiches can be made in a child-friendly way to treat them.
  • Do not force the child to clean the cooking utensils, this makes him hate the time of the food .. Instead of you can show the benefits of cleanliness and your happiness Madam that your child takes care of you and help you in the house, and he depends on himself and does not tire you.
  • Your child has always talked about the benefits of healthy food, its various kinds, its nutritional value, its importance to the health of the body, mind and soul, and its role in the prevention of various diseases, especially obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Do not give your child sweets after eating so do not get used to this bad habit.
  • Encourage your child to drink natural juices and eat natural fruits between meals whenever your child feels hungry.
  • In conclusion, parents remain the most important role models for children, so avoid drinking soft drinks, energy and other unhealthy drinks or eating junk food in front of children because they are vulnerable and pick up their eating habits directly from parents.

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