How to lose 5 kg quickly

Losing weight is a slow process sometimes. Some women may rush to a result after purchasing a new dress and when they wear it you feel a little frustrated by some fat grams around the waist, buttocks or abdomen that prevent wearing them.

There is no doubt that there are those who are trying to lose weight quickly to get rid of undesirable fats by doing a difficult diet or starve themselves or exercise vigorously in the attempt to lose weight, but perhaps not one of those ways to get rid of excess weight that you wish, and offer in ” Some tips that lose you 5 kg quickly and safely.

Tips to lose weight quickly

Select the time period

You should set a realistic time period and get rid of some kilograms that are a problem for you, according to nutrition experts, losing a kilo to two kilograms a week is natural and safe. 
Therefore, you should set a three week weight reduction schedule to be reasonable, and do not listen to false ads called loss of 5 kg per week because they are many of the Ajayan following severe diet harms the body and cause many future problems.

Select your goal

Weight loss ( kg) The body should lose calories at 3500 calories, so the body loss is 5 kg. The body should lose about 17,000 calories. A healthy diet with 1200 calories a day is effective . 
And remember that the consumption of less than 1200 calories a day is not recommended by nutrition experts, and do not follow a low calorie diet to lose weight quickly because it presents you a lot of risks, and also remember that calorie diet unit without sport is not effective to lose weight, Sports side by side.

Drink more water

The body needs water to carry out vital processes and detoxification, and drinking water frequently helps to lose weight fast , according to nutritionists the body needs an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.

Reduce salt

Reducing the intake of salt in food helps to prevent the body from retaining water and replacing it, which helps to lose weight by preventing the storage of water in the body, and also helps to prevent salt from the prevention of high blood pressure disease.

Many protein has little carbohydrates

Protein is very important for the body and helps build muscle. Slimming experts agree that protein intake in a program increases muscle composition and helps increase fat burning in the body. The diet should contain less carbohydrates and be in the form of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains or Asparagus bread, oatmeal or whole grains made from whole grains are low in calories and rich in fiber, and they take longer to absorb from the body.

Playing sports

Running, swimming, jumping, trekking, or riding a bike for half an hour three days a week helps to stimulate your body to burn more fat and build muscle, helping you lose weight quickly .

Always remember that weight loss is not by following a diet program that is looking for acne in the internet and some say it is effective and dangerous to lose weight but weight loss depends on your strategy and your lack of sense of hunger and notice that the body is not in the case of severe dieting to stimulate the burning of more fat accumulated.

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