How to know the date of birth and what is the method of calculation?

Question of the day of birth or the expected date of birth Question Many pregnant women occupy the moment of pregnancy, especially with the first pregnancy, how can calculate the birth date correctly?

Dr. Hanaa Al-Menem, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, said for the seventh day that the date of birth is the one who expects the doctor to give birth and the end of the pregnancy, based on the mother’s determination of the last menstrual cycle that occurred before the interruption due to pregnancy.

The normal gestation period is 280 days or 40 weeks. This period may be increased or decreased by one week or two after the expected date of birth and depends on other factors such as whether or not the first pregnancy was a previous birth or a caesarean section.

According to Dr. Hana, about 5% of births are born on the date of the expected birth

The importance of knowing the expected date of birth is summarized as follows:

Follow-up pregnancy during different stages

Follow-up of intrauterine growth

Determination of the most appropriate time for the operation of the medical analysis needed for the pregnant

– If the mother has pregnancy problems know the most appropriate times for rapid intervention to save the mother and fetus

Dr. Hana Banna prefers pregnant women once they know the pregnancy and make sure that the work schedule of the schedule of small or result and determine the first day of the last menstrual period came to be in the yellow color, for example, and then determine the expected day of birth in red.

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