How to increase your desire for intimacy in natural ways

The lack of desire in women causes many marital problems, and there are many reasons for the decline of desire and enjoy the marital relationship, including routine and daily and the treatment of some drugs in addition to external factors, and today offer natural ways to restore your desire for intimate relationship with simple steps:

Quitting Smoking : Through reading I have never found one benefit to smoking, whether for men or women, and as smoking is harmful to health in general, it has damage to your relationship, as it reduces your desire .. So I advise you if you smoke to quit smoking for marital relationship Best.

Exercise Exercise : Exercise moderately blood flow flows into the body and genitals, thus increasing your desire.

Excess weight loss : Not only does weight gain affect your self-confidence, and therefore reduce your desire to have intimate relationship with your husband, but it also reduces the flow of blood to the genitals, thus reducing your desire, so weight gain is a key factor in reducing your desire.

Your food is important : It is recommended to eat a large amount of daily vegetables and fruits, which increase the flow of blood to the body and reproductive organs, and thus increase the desire, and there are some foods that increase your desire, but do not eat too much, such as celery, strawberries, peach, mango , Nuts, avocados, bananas, liver, chocolate and caffeine.

Massage : Massage has many benefits .. Among them it helps to revitalize the body, make the blood flow throughout the body, also helps to relax, this has a charming effect on your desire.

Relaxation : Learning ways to relax and keep away from stress can greatly increase your desire.

Focus is important : Remove from your bedroom. What you and your husband might focus on, such as a family photo, is an example of your children, because it will make you lose your focus and enjoyment.

Be prepared for the relationship : Candles have a wonderful effect to make you and your husband combine, do not look to her as a luxury, but you will find a wonderful effect to relax you and your husband .. You can replace them with dim light, but candles are still the best solution.

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