How to increase cervical mucus to speed up pregnancy

The cervical mucus is secreted by the female reproductive system throughout the menstrual cycle. The absence or absence of cervical mucus occurs during the period of the menstrual cycle. The increased cervical mucus is better for the woman to be more healthy and the chances of pregnancy increase. 
Cervical mucus is sometimes referred to as “white cervical mucus eggs” or EWCM, and it is considered an appropriate environment for sperm cells, which allows free passage through the cervix and into the uterus and then the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg, what are the methods to increase cervical mucus to accelerate pregnancy Near the ovulation period?

Drinking more water There is a direct relationship between production of cervical mucus and water level in the body. Has a negative effect on the secretion of cervical mucus

Avoid cold and allergy medicines that contain antihistamines, which treat the runny nose, but they cause dryness of the vagina and dry mucus of the cervix.

– Taking drugs that increase the production of mucus, which contains the substance of guavasin such as Robitussin, which helps to increase the mucus of the cervix.

– Use of some moisturizing oils during the marital relationship and to help the movement of sperm cells, and follow to the selected quality Vfd of those reduce or kill sperm cells, and you can use natural oils such as camomile oil or almonds or oil Albthoru not to increase the mucus of the cervix, Alternative.

– The quality of food greatly affect the secretion of cervical mucus , eating hydrogenated oils such as fast food or meat consumption frequently lead to increased acidic blood, which reduces the secretion of cervical mucus.

– Taking wheat germ oil daily, it helps greatly increase ovulation and increase cervical mucus, which reduces the chances of pregnancy .

– Consult your doctor before starting any medications.

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