How to help your daughter when the first menstrual cycle comes

The menstrual cycle for the first time is considered a distinguishing feature of the girl. It is very embarrassing and embarrassing especially in the Arab societies. It is a symptom of menstrual pain in the back, breast, spasms and nervousness. The mother should encourage her daughter at the beginning of the menstrual cycle to talk to her. The variables that occur to the girl to know how to deal with the symptoms of the menstrual cycle for the first time .

Tips for mother to take care of her daughter with the advent of her first menstrual cycle

– Allocate a suitable time to talk to your daughter and choose the right place away from the father that allows you to communicate with your daughter.

– Bring some publications and drawings that explain how the menstrual cycle occurs and what are the dates and how to deal with it need to know everything in detail even when your daughter is asking about something that you are well-informed and know how to respond correctly, such as what sanitary pads and how to use and other questions Expected.

– Explain to your child in detail what is the menstrual cycle and what are the signs of the menstrual cycleand symptoms and what goes through the body of variables during that period.

– Explain what menstrual disorders and why occur and how to treat disorders menstrual cycle

– Explain dealing with others, especially colleagues during the menstrual cycle and how to exercise their daily activity without isolation from others or feeling something is incomplete.

– Follow with your daughter day by day of menstruation of the girl to tell you what you feel and explain the normal things or things that call you gold to the doctor as a result of some unexpected things with the advent of the first menstrual cycle.

– Do not let your daughter know what is happening to her changes of friends, so leads to the distance between mother and daughter.

Finally, let your child know how she can take care of her during the menstrual period to prevent vaginal diseases or to have a bad vaginal odor that can cause many problems for your daughter.

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