How to get your baby to eat cow’s milk

Your baby gets used to your normal, dry milk during his childhood, but when he’s over two years he needs bovine milk, which benefits him more in his growth phase, which he may not like. So follow these tips:

1 – Do not adopt the method of threat, which increases the refusal of the child to eat milk.

2 – Asadi has stories that he loves, and link between the fantasy hero who loves him and the milk.

3- Honoring him or his family members.

4 – Do not give him a meal of milk is not hungry, but as a snack between the main meals.

5 – Enter the milk in the preparation of dishes of sweets, cake, milk and ice cream ..

6. Add your child’s favorite fruit flavors to his share of daily milk, making it a combination of vitamins, minerals and fiber that strengthen his immunity. It is also preferred to sweeten the milk with honey.

7 – Use a pinch and colored clips and forms with his favorite characters in the programs of the cartoon.

8 – Give him a glass of hot milk before sleeping directly; what works to relax.

9 – You can use other alternatives, such as yoghurt fruit, or ice-cold custard; to get the same element, but in a child-friendly way.

10 – Allow him to buy his favorite game at the end of each month; to encourage you to persevere to eat milk.

Source: Anaqti

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