How to get rid of itching problems in sensitive areas

Many women experience itching at a level that makes them feel embarrassed with the itching, pain and burning sensation. It is usually wet and warm, which stimulates the growth of bacteria in a simple way, in addition to sweat, urine and vaginal secretions that stimulate the growth of bacteria and spread more, which may cause vaginal infections . So wash the area with a mild soap for sensitive skin (free of perfume and alcohol) and warm water, taking care to clean the front back to ensure that these bacteria are removed from the vaginal area and provide solutions to eliminate itching in the sensitive area

Ways to treat itchy sensitive area

  • Natural

Natural yoghurt contains sugar-free flavor or beneficial bacteria that help eliminate harmful bacteria and restore

Balance the vagina which saves you from itching in the sensitive area. Do not hesitate

Eat yogurt several times a day until you feel better.

Apple cider vinegar for the treatment of itching

Apple cider vinegar helps to give the sensitive area in women the necessary recovery and moisturizing, in this context, and protects it

Of bacteria and viruses that can lead to many health problems. The method of application depends on that you put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

In a glass of warm water, wash the area with this liquid for a few days, and you will notice the difference.

  • Water and salt

Spoon a teaspoon in warm water and use it to rinse the sensitive area at night before going to sleep with this method until you feel better. Dry the area well afterwards until you give up the moisture.

Healthy advice

  •   Hair removal in this area is essential because it keeps you away from bacteria and itching, in addition to being essentially an aesthetic step.
  •  Use tissue paper to dry this area after washing this area from the front to the back to keep it dry.
  •  Skin care is very important to avoid infection as soon as the course is over.
  • – Use powder or musk soap to freshen the area

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