How to get rid of excess weight after birth

Weight loss after childbirth acquired during pregnancy Many mothers, especially those who maintain their weight, are often offended.

How can a mother lose weight after birth without affecting maternal and child health or milk intake during breast-feeding? A question answered by Dr. Khalid Youssef, a specialist in obesity and thinness, saying:

The mother who wants to get rid of excess weight after childbirth follow some dietary tips that help her easily regain her grace again.

Ten Tips for Weight Loss After Pregnancy and Childbirth

1 – The need to not rush to start diet programs to get rid of the weight gained during pregnancy directly, but must recover the body first, and must know that the mother gaining weight in pregnancy between 18 to 18 kg, lose 8 kilograms during and after Birth of the rest of the remaining need about a period of about 8 months lose the rate of half a kilo to a kilo every week.

2 – the exercise of any activity and sports and sports to walk every day, so helps the body to burn more fat, taking into account the doctor to consult your sports program.

3 – the need to follow a diet during the period of breastfeeding is rich in vitamins and vital elements contains high-value nutrients that help increase the production of milk with the distance from high-calorie foods and eating a lot, the advice is wrong after birth is the need to eat heavily even to increase milk production I have a mother, which is absolutely untrue.

4 – Breastfeeding alone burns more than 500 calories a day, so the mother to increase the breastfeeding of her child to burn more fat and loss of more gained weight during pregnancy.

5 – Eat when you feel hungry and not forgetting any meal, especially breakfast , so helps to stimulate the body not to store more fat.

6. When you feel hungry, you can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent feeling hungry and do not disturb the daily diet, or you can make some Snack meals in the refrigerator to eat when you feel hungry. Avoid sweets such as cake or biscuits.

– Low-sugar dried fruit

– Potato packaging in aluminum foil and cooked in the oven, this method avoids the calories gained by potatoes during the frying.

– Yogurt with an outstanding addition of honey.

7 – Drink plenty of water and distance from drinking sweetened juices because they contain many calories.

8. Eat whole grains in the food program because they contain many fibers that help to reduce the feeling of hunger as well as that they contain complex carbohydrates.

9 – Eat fruits and vegetables every day with a high intake of water and fiber that reduces the sense of hunger, as well as it is a very important source of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

10 – Take care to eat breakfast daily, it is the most important meal to lose weight after pregnancy, as well as it reduces the feeling of hunger the rest of the day and limit the eating of food unhealthy to the mother.

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