How to get rid of depression during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the lady undergoes many physical changes that affect her and lead to some mood swings and depression during pregnancy . Today, we offer you the most important tips to cope withdepression during pregnancy and get rid easily:

1. Communicate with your child

This method makes you communicate with your child before coming to this world. You can always talk to him and how you are ready to come, how happy you are to receive him, and you can gently put your hands on your stomach as if you are embracing your child. Depression.

2 – participation of the husband

When you feel sad or closed on yourself, share your feeling and do not sit alone in a room and cry, but cry and complain to him and will relieve you of this feeling, and you will feel better.

3 – Reading books

During this period, you can read pregnancy books, help you and provide your information on how to deal with and receive your child on the one hand, and you will be busy reading books and will stop feeling depressed and likely to increase.

4. Talk with your doctor

Talk to your doctor openly, tell him about your fears, and do not let these questions about your child’s growth haunt your mind and cause you anxiety, and will answer you and reassure you and you end up with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

5. Recording memories of pregnancy

You can bring a small notebook to write your diary with pregnancy, all you feel about your child, and what you suffer from pain, distress, joy and confusion, how do you feel when you receive the news of determining the type of girl or boy, how to buy clothes for him, and how you miss the moment of your birth and fear At the same time, this will make you aware of the improvement and desire to recognize your child as young as you have been and will encourage you to write happily away from any depression.

6 – preoccupation with hobbies

Do your time with things you like, such as painting, reading, writing or singing. Keep away from the thoughts of anxiety that will bring you to depression, and experiment with new things you have not done before and you will feel happy and happy.

7. Use specialized assistance

Do not hesitate to consult a psychologist if your symptoms of depression have increased and you can not get away from stress and anxiety. Depression is a mental disorder and a common condition among pregnant women and a specialist will assist you if you can not control it.

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