How to fight idle and renew your energy

Do you feel sleepy during the day and want to lie down and sleep Do you suffer from a general decrease in energy affect your career and social If you do not suffer any organic disease, low energy This is the result of your general lifestyle, causing you to sleep and fatigue permanent, and enough to review this method And make some adjustments to it to inflate energy in your life again.

Some tips that will help you enjoy the liveliness.

* Take a tablet of vitamin B. (B)

The lack of vitamin B is one of the common causes of lethargy, says American dietitian Pamela Smith. So take a pill from the vitamin B group daily with breakfast and you will feel an increase in energy that lasts all day. B vitamins improve. Activity of the neurons helps to think clearly and to keep your calm when work pressures increase.

* Try the Russian herb.

The Russians have been turning to the roots of Rhodiola to fight fatigue and relieve stress more than 200 years ago. Mark Blumenthal, director and founder of the US Herb Medicine Council in Texas, says research on the Russian herb growing in Siberia has yielded encouraging results. Which included two groups of doctors working at night showing that the first group of people who were taking the tablets of Rodiola for two weeks were much less stressed than the members of the second group.

* Breathe essential oils.

The researchers of aromatic oils and their effect confirm that inhaling peppermint oil during the day when we feel a drop in energy gives us activity, enhances our productivity, makes us think clearly and there are other aromatic oils that rejuvenate the most important oils: lemons, melissa, juniper, oranges and peppermint. Place a small bottle in your favorite place and open it and smell it whenever you feel the need for more activity.

Choose your best food.

The body needs more than the calories to function. It needs nutrients from vitamins, mineral salts, fiber and essential fats that help keep it energized throughout the day and advises US nutritionist Nalda Mercer to divide our meal into three equal sections consisting of foods rich in the following nutrients.

– whole grains such as whole brown rice, oats or whole wheat bread.

– Vegetables and fruit colored such as blackberry or watermelon yellow or red pepper or green leafy vegetables.

– Protein such as chicken, cheese, eggs or fish.

To avoid a lot of food that can cause drowsiness Mercier recommends using a small-sized dishes or determine the amount of what we eat foods do not eat grains and proteins only a small amount has been adding to it some healthy oils such as the amount of tablespoons of flax seed oil or olive oil or can choose the type of proteins contain healthy oils such as fatty fish as the fish of salmon with the need to eat dietary fiber found in grains, fruits and vegetables because they help to extend our body in a constant and continuous energy that require him between the meal and the other is slow down the body’s absorption of carbohydrates process which The main source of energy is the fruits and vegetables colored, it provides the body with vitamins and minerals, which also contribute to the production of energy and the protein for his part with healthy fats to notify us full, do not suffer from fatigue as a result of hunger.

* Drink plenty of fluids .

Any lack of body moisture makes us feel tired, weakens our ability to concentrate and drains our energy, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Nutrition Association in 1999 where it is recommended to drink sugar-free drinks such as water and herbal tea whenever we feel thirsty and emphasizes the need to avoid sugary drinks because the latter Causes a rapid rise leading to a sharp drop in energy and the best is to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day, while taking care to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon because the caffeine in them causes disturbances in sleep at night, which makes you feel tired the next day .

* Do not forget to stretch your muscles .

Sitting in the same position for a long time during the workday leads to muscle fatigue and energy depletion so it is recommended to rise every hour and stretch the muscles for a minute.

* Move your body .

It is known that physical activity, even if light, provides us with energy. If you are a person who breaks early, take advantage of the time and exercise for a quarter of an hour. This helps to give you the necessary energy throughout the day, such as biking, dancing, On the feet.

* Let the musician adjust your mood.

When you ride your car back home you do not listen to the news bulletin on the radio, but adjust it to listen to your favorite music station that listening to music rebuilds energy quickly.

Dr. Michael Smolensky, professor of environmental physiology at the University of Texas at the University of Texas, said a short 10-minute nap would make us feel refreshed, energized, remove fatigue and increase energy for the body.

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