How to Fight Depression

Some women follow strict dieting regimes in the hope of losing weight and seeking a dream of beauty and beauty. But after a period of dieting and deprivation of food, drink and whatever you desire, they lose little weight.

Which causes them to feel sad and some enter into waves of depression known as depression of diet, in a study is the first of its kind from the magazine Plus electronic proved that losing weight causes depression .. !!

We know that depression always comes as a result of dissatisfaction with the self and the general form of obesity and overweight, but this study conducted on a number of teenage girls with obesity and found that a large proportion of them are vulnerable to depression the greater the denial of food the greater the rate of depression.

The scientific explanation for this type of depression is that all the foods that cause the fatification of starches, fats and sugars. By abstaining from eating, the psychological effect on the ability of the brain to produce substances that improve the mood as produced by the aforementioned substances causes a general mood, especially in cases Do not follow balanced and healthy diets.

As the loss of sugar in the blood loses the body energy, the body feels fatigue and exhaustion and inability to do something. How can we purify ourselves from this depression?

How to Fight Dieting Depression:

First of all, you should follow the diets that contain all the elements and vitamins necessary for the body without excessive and non-negligent with eating three meals a day and the intake of minerals and vitamins and whole grains and protein and you can compensate sugar with natural sugar of fruit is the most appropriate health Even for those who do not follow any dietary feces, proteins are important elements of body building that can be obtained either from vegetarian foods containing bean protein, mushrooms, chicken, red meat and fish.

Second: Take care to eat foods within the diet that is used to improve mood, such as pulses of all kinds because it is a good source of folic acid useful to maintain the balance of the brain is not a requirement to cook in a way that increases the weight and burn the nutritional value there is a way to cook a lot of diet.

Third: Complex carbohydrates are rich in vitamin D, which helps stimulate the mood in fruits, vegetables, bread and grains.

Fourth, you have to make your own personal happiness, such as exercise and personalization of the place in the house and wearing a special one, with waking up early is very useful for those who follow diets in reducing the factors of depression and stay away from sleep because the body when not taking rest in sleep compensated by If the food is not available, the brain begins to be unable to transport the neurotransmitters that benefit the mood

Fifth: Drink plenty of natural water to drink the human two liters of water per day Water saves the body of toxins In the cases of dieting can increase water, especially as the water gives the face and skin freshness and with dieting starts the face with a little lizard so you have to compensate this palate drinking water.

Sixth: to take the oils that stimulate the brain, including Amiga 3 and grilled salmon in the diet to avoid frustration.

You have to pay attention to the previous steps and do not follow the harsh diets, but you have to balance all the elements so that the body gets its nutritional needs and you get the ideal weight without any side effects.

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