How to feel comfortable before your period

If you feel some depression, discomfort and back pain in the run-up to your period, you may find some of the following simple ideas to make you feel calm and mentally relaxed.

Some Simple Thoughts To Overcome Shortness Before Your PMS:

First: Breathe deeply and try to focus on all the positive things in your life and do not think about the problems or negatives as much as possible.

Second: Get enough restful sleep to relax your body and rub yourself with positive energy.

Third: Drink some warm drinks such as tea, lanson and camomile to calm your nerves and drink also fresh fruit juices and fresh water.

Fourth: Exercise some metabolic exercises to stimulate blood circulation and reduce stress and psychological.

Fifth: Be close to your friends and loved ones as much as possible and get away from people who are annoying and cause problems and get out of the pressure in the work as much as possible.

Sixth: Wear comfortable cotton clothes and keep your body clean to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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