How to enlarge the breasts with exercises

Breast Augmentation Some women wish at some point, and some women may want to do some exercise to get breast enlargement .

The breast is made up of mammary glands, adipose tissue and connective tissue located at the top of the chest muscle area. By building the muscles of the chest area by exercise, you can improve the appearance of the area and achieve a large breast size naturally.

Step One :

You can exercise chest area three days a week for 20 minutes, and you must ensure the appropriate weights and repeat no more than 6-8 times per group, try to exercise three to four groups per exercise, the lack of repetition with increasing the number of groups helps you greatly increase Breast.

Step Two :

Change the type of exercise Try changing the type of exercises by adding a new type every three to four weeks, where this helps to avoid the arrival of the muscles of the chest to the stage of stability and not gain an increase in muscle size.

Step Three :

Practice the wall exercise of your breast enlargement program: Stand in a straight position in front of the wall of the room away from the feet 2-3 feet, then put your arm on the wall so that it is in a position parallel to the chest area and then push yourself against the wall until the nose touches the wall with the elbows of the elbows, The original mode is repeated, repeating the exercise for three groups.The wall exercise of your breast enlargement program

Step Four :

Weight Exercises: Sleep on the tanning surface of the exercise. Then hold the weight in your hand in straight and vertical position by tightening the elbow. Then slowly lower the elbows up to the chest level. Repeat exercise for three groups in the exercise.Weight exercises

Step Five :

Free weight exercise: sleep on the back of the back of your right hand next to your body, then put the weight in your right hand straight and column on the body, and then slowly bend the right elbow until your elbow to the side of your body on the right, then return to the previous situation, and exercise exercises Of the left hand.

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