How to enlarge the breast

Among women breast enlargement options are plastic surgeries that implant silicon in the chest area, but these surgeries are very expensive, painful and dangerous. Many complications arise after that. It is possible to spread to breast cancer .

There are several ways away from surgery to enlarge the breast, but first, whether the size of the breast is consistent with the shape of the body or not.

Ways to enlarge the breast

– Weight gain : Since the breast is made up of zoned fatty tissue in most of the weight gain extra fat helps to breast enlargement, but I have the fat to be increased in various other parts of the body , which may make you unhappy with your body then.

– Pregnancy : Pregnancy works to increase the hormone estrogen, which helps to increase the size of the breast in addition to breastfeeding after pregnancy increases the size of the glands of milk production, which increases the size of the breast.

– breast augmentation surgery : The process is expensive and unsafe risks, but greatly help in breast augmentation the desired Jehm

– Estrogens creams : If your body does not produce estrogen in sufficient quantities, you can use breast enlargement creams containing estrogen, which helps to increase the size of the breast, but you must first ascertain the amount of estrogen secretion in the body, if it is enough, the use of these creams expose you to breast cancer.

– Breast Enlargement Exercises : There are some exercises in the chest area that help push the muscles that fall down the chest area to the front, making the appearance of the incision prominent.

– wear proper bra : bite the ladies are wearing tight bra, which pay some of the breast tissue to the armpit area and pressure n Wearing the appropriate bra Trag many problems and help to increase the expansion of the tissues of the breast.

– Health food : Eat fast food and malnutrition helps to not distribute vitamins and minerals on all parts of the body to grow, and breast tissue from those places may not reach the appropriate food and thus less rate of proliferation of cells and feel the size of the large breast, maintain a healthy diet Rich in nutrients.

The change in the shape of the husband is required, such as changing the color of the hair 
or maintain the freshness of the skin and other things that help to the ten times between the spouses, while the husband who puts his wife pays his wife For surgery and makes them susceptible to certain diseases, you may need to rethink.

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