How to differentiate between different breast pain

Breast pain is one of the things that all women feel. The cause of breast pain is different. Breast pain can be caused by the onset of menstruation, ovulation periods, menopause, and menstrual periods. What are the reasons for breast pain?

The site of your health today is a brief of the main causes of breast pain and how to differentiate between them.

Many women complain of breast pain, and the causes of this pain vary from one woman to another may be because of menstrual pain or tightening of breast tissue or menopause. Periodic pain differs from non-periodic pains.

Periodic absence

– Linked to the menstrual cycle. 
– is described as annoying, heavy, and persistent pain. 
– accompanied by swelling or lump of breast, the effect includes both breasts, specifically the upper part of the outer pain may reach the area of ​​the armpits. 
– Pain intensifies during the two weeks preceding the date of the menstrual cycle and then diminishes, and affects women who have not reached menopause.

Non-periodic pains

– It is described as tight pain accompanied by heartburn or sensitivity to pain. 
– The pain is continuous or alternating from time to time. 
– Infects only one breast in a certain fixed area and may spread in the rest of the breast. 
– often affects women who are over menopause.

External breast pain

The external breast pain seems to come from the breast itself, but its source is different. It may result, for example, in a tightening of a muscle in the chest, causing pain in the rib cage or in the chest wall.

But when to consult a doctor will be necessary?

– If the pain continues daily for more than two weeks. 
– If the pain is concentrated in one area of ​​the breast. 
– If the pain increases more day after day.

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