How to diagnose vaginal discharge

Vaginal secretions may be normal, but changes in the nature of vaginal secretions may be signs of infection with some vaginal infections or change in the level of hormones in the body, so the woman or girl should note any change in the color or smell of secretions of the vagina because they are warning signs may call the doctor to see why Those secretions and how to cure them. In your “Today’s Health” we offer you some changes in vaginal discharge and its causes.

– Increase vaginal secretions and change the smell of the smell of fish indicate the incidence of bacterial vaginitis, and increase those secretions after the marital relationship and that the infection does not pass when the sexual intercourse of the husband.

– vaginal secretions heavy-colored gray or green to yellow indicate the injury Palmharat vaginal Trichomonas Vaginalis is one of the months of sexually transmitted diseases , which is transmitted through sexual contact, be the result of injury parasite vaginal trichomoniasis Trichomonas Vaginalis include symptoms change the smell of the vagina with increased vaginal discharge in addition to Vagina itching with pain during marital relationship.

– Thickness in the size of the vaginal secretions of the cheese cutting network is due to vaginal fungal infections and include its symptoms, itching in the vagina and feeling pain during urination and mostly those secretions are odorless.

– vaginal secretions similar to water are caused by herpes infection, sometimes herpes sores may not be visible in women, so the change in performance may be the only evidence. It is often accompanied by itching, burning, pain when urinating and the presence of crying blisters.

– can indicate genital herpes genital herpes secretions. Sometimes herpes sores may not be visible in women, so the change in the nature of those secretions may be the only evidence. It is often accompanied by itching, burning, pain when urinating, blisters and vaginal ulcers .

– Vaginal secretions of the vagina indicate the incidence of gonorrhea “especially” accompanied by vaginal infections or pain during urination with the feeling of itching in the vagina permanently, and the infection of gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease.

– Parenchyma secretions are indicative of pelvic inflammatory disease and are often accompanied by a lower abdomen with fever and fever at high body temperature.

– Vaginal white vaginal secretions to the extent sometimes cut cheese or yoghurt indicate the incidence of chlamydia and accompanied by burning in the vagina and itching and severe pain during sexual intercourse with pain during urination and the symptoms of vaginal infection with chlamydia infection with vaginal fungal infections.

– Vaginal vaginal secretions, which may have some blood spots indicative of inflammatory vaginosis “Atrophic vaginitis” and often occur to women after menopause or the interruption of obliteration or the removal of the ovaries surgically.

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