How to determine if you are pregnant

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy are one of the ways that some women rely on to predict pregnancy. Some pregnancy symptoms may occur within one or two weeks after pregnancy. What are the signs of pregnancy? Are pregnancy signs showing in all pregnant women? Are signs and symptoms of pregnancy evidence of pregnancy? Many questions we try in “Your Health Today” show the most common signs of pregnancy that may indicate pregnancy success, but you need to confirm the pregnancy either by testing your home pregnancy or blood test to confirm pregnancy.

Am I pregnant?

Symptoms and signs of pregnancy are not necessarily not felt by all pregnant women, they differ from one woman to another. Some women show all pregnancy display, others do not show up permanently or delay in appearance, and generally there are some symptoms and signs that may encounter pregnant women and indicate the success of fertilizing the egg And start in stages of pregnancy , and the most famous of those signs:

Do you feel tired during the past week?

The urge to sleep with the feeling of constant fatigue and inability to breathe sometimes occurs as a result of a change in the level of hormones in the body as a result of pregnancy, pregnant feel the desire to sleep for long periods a day which is normal and that feeling is a sign of pregnancy that may be pregnant.

Do you feel the desire for a lot of gold for the bathroom?

With the start of pregnancy and implantation of the egg in the wall of the uterus, the uterus begins to increase in volume in preparation for the size of the fetus and then pressure on the wall of the urinary bladder, which makes the woman feel the urgent desire to go to the bathroom a large number of times and urination in small quantities but the number of times more, The desire to get into the bathroom increases with the progress of pregnancy and the increase in urination times of signs of pregnancy, which often begin after the first week of pregnancy.

Do you feel pain in the chest area?

The hormonal changes that follow the occurrence of pregnancy affect the level of hormones in the body, including changes that occur in the chest area of ​​pain in the breast and the feeling of some acupuncture with swelling in some parts of the breast and feel the woman not able to touch the breast sometimes, and pain is a sign of pregnancy and pain before suffering Menstrual cycle, but with changes in the area of ​​the nipple where it begins to darken color and dark before birth.

Do you feel nauseous?

The rise of some hormones as a result of pregnancy leads to a feeling of nausea and nausea, especially in the morning, and begins to feel nausea after a week of pregnancy, which is a sure signs of pregnancy and continue until the first stage of the carrier and then hand disappears gradually and ends completely beginning the fourth month of pregnancy.

Did you get your period?

Absence of the menstrual cycle for those who do not suffer any disorders in the menstrual cycle or in the age of fertility is one of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy confirmed that indicate pregnancy, and in the absence of a woman can do the pregnancy test home to confirm pregnancy.

Are there any blood drops before the menstrual cycle?

After fertilizing the egg for about a week begins to implant itself in the wall of the uterus to supplement the rest of pregnancy, and as a result pregnant pregnant women may see some blood drops in the underwear before the arrival of the menstrual cycle, and blood differs from the blood associated with the menstrual cycle in terms of color and quantity, Of the early pregnancy signs that a pregnant woman may see.

How can pregnancy be confirmed?

When you experience some of the symptoms that may indicate pregnancy, you can do the home pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy and make sure you follow some special tips of comfort and nutrition for healthy pregnancy to increase the doctor and follow your pregnancy.

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