How to delay the course with home recipes

The delay of the menstrual cycle is a frequent question for some women, some of them want to delay the menstrual cycle for the Hajj or Umrah and some may be the date of the session with the date of the wedding or a family vacation is the arrival of the course on time disappointing, and some women take pills to delay the session without consulting a doctor What causes many problems later, but do not forget there are some tricks that help you delay your menstrual cycle .

In order to be able to delay your menstrual cycle without using oral contraceptives or hormonal drugs, you should know that the only way to do this is to maintain high levels of progesterone during menstruation. Bleeding of the menstrual cycle occurs when progesterone levels decrease and these occur to women in the last week of Use their pills.

– Consult your doctor at least one week before your scheduled period is due. If you are planning to delay the course on time, progesterone levels are reduced seven days before the menstrual cycle.

– Determining whether or not to provide the menstrual cycle is more appropriate for you than it is due. Some women prefer to submit it on time in some cases

– To induce the menstrual period to come ahead of time You can eat parsley tea put some leaves of parsley in boiling water and the legacy of half an hour and then drink tea from 3-4 cups throughout the day.

– Ginger tea can also be used to induce the session to come, but it is not healthy to use ginger and parsley together to provide the menstrual cycle, but try each day only one.

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