How to deal with your baby’s crying

Some infants have an unexplained shriek during the first months of their birth, causing parents to lose their temper and endurance.

“Any baby can have these screaming spells during the first few months of his or her birth,” said Claudia Helmers, a midwifery specialist and expert at the Health for Life network in Bonn, Germany. But parents often touch their baby’s body and establish a regular daily rhythm, providing an environment free of stimuli around him to help the child feel calm, and then stop yelling. “

As there are no clear reasons for the screaming bouts of babies, especially in the late afternoon and evening, the German expert advises parents to keep their calm as much as possible and to use a friend or relative before they lose their temper.

On the other hand, the German midwife specialist advises parents to consult with a specialist pediatrician if they notice that their infant has been overheated and unable to calm him down in the previous ways. But she explains that they can comfort themselves that these bouts of screaming often disappear on their own after the baby completes three months rounded

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